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Best Mother's Day Digital Teaching Resources

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Celebrate Mother’s Day in your classroom with these fun, free and modestly priced resources. Whether your students are making personalized cards for the special moms in their lives, or looking to for some fun coding and STEM activities, the ideas and tools below can be enjoyed by students of all ages.  

  • Top Teaching Tasks Mother’s Day Google Classroom Digital Activities
    An inclusive and customizable set of digital Mother’s Days activities, adapted for both British and U.S. English. Works in both Google Classroom and Microsoft One Drive, and with devices including Chromebooks, iPads, and Android tablets.
  • Free Mother's Day Clipart Graphics, Backgrounds, Borders and Lines
    Large selection of free Mother’s Day clipart includes animated GIFS and plenty of floral backgrounds and borders to choose from. 
  • Mother’s Day And Father’s Day In The Inclusive Classroom
    Not every kid has a mother in the home, so it’s crucial to make sure all students are included in Mother’s Day activities without causing them shame or distress. This article by educator Haley O’Connor offers lots of good ideas for creating a meaningful, inclusive Mother’s Day lesson, and links to her digital Mother’s Day resources. 
  • Sharing Kindergarten Digital Mother’s Day Ideas
    The pandemic highlighted the ingenuity of so many educators, who had to adjust on-the-fly to the restrictions of remote learning. Whether you’re back in the classroom or still teaching remotely, these are five great ways to help younger students honor their moms through reading, writing and artwork.
  • Digital Mother’s Day Cards that Kids Can Create
    Step-by step directions guide teachers and students in creating adorable digital Mother’s Day greetings. This highly rated digital resource is only $3.50, a small sum to compensate the teacher who created it. 
  • Digital Mother’s Day Gift
    Educator Jennifer Findlay shares her digital Mother’s Day Top Ten greeting card/slideshow, available in four themes. This is a great way to help kids express appreciation for their mother while practicing their writing skills. 
  • Top 10 Free Sites for Creating Digital Art
    Browse these terrific and innovative free digital art sites, where kids can get extra inventive with their Mother’s Day creations.
  • Mother's Day Fun Facts and Teaching Guide
    You may have never thought of the U.S. Census Bureau as a curator of Mother’s Day knowledge, but as one of the most prolific U.S. government data collectors, the Bureau serves as a vast repository for facts and data about U.S. residents. While students peruse the downloadable Fun Facts, teachers can employ the accompanying Teaching Guide to create engaging Mother’s Day lessons.
  • Story Corps Stories to Celebrate Mother’s Day
    A genuine and touching celebration of the relationships between mothers and kids. Consider offering credit to students who record their own Mother’s Day conversations on the StoryCorp website
  • Best Digital Resources for Teaching Poetry
    Use these top poetry resources to quickly devise a lesson combining poetry writing with the celebration of mothers. Students can write original poems or research published poems about motherhood. 
  • Mother’s Day 2021
    Who invented Mother’s Day? How did it become popularized? What is Mother’s Day like in other countries? Use these and the other fascinating questions about Mother’s Day on as a prompt for kids to write about their own experience of Mother’s Day, or about their mother’s personal history.
  • Tynker Celebrate Your Mother Using Digital Storytelling
    Have kids hone their coding skills while creating digital stories and cards for Mom. What's better than combining STEM and SEL?
  • Customizable Mother’s Day Cards and Music Quiz
    These customizable coding activities from the reliable and free offer something for every kid and every mother, from flowers to Teddy Bears to a music quiz for moms
  • 15 Sites for Finding Images and Clip Art for Education
    The best Mother’s Days gifts combine heartfelt expressions of love and appreciation with appropriate graphics to amplify the sentiment. Explore these top image sites for education to find the perfect selection for your students. 
  • Teachers Pay Teachers: Mother’s Day Computer Activities
    An outstanding collection of classroom-tested Mother’s Day resources created by educators. Search by grade, standard, subject, price (always modest) and resource type. Ratings by teachers point to the most effective lessons. 

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