Best Upgraded Software

Best Upgraded Software

Adaptive Curriculum Math
Adaptive Curriculum

Designed for grades 6-12, the online AC Math program engages today’s learners by integrating real-world scenarios and interactive simulations into standards-based learning. AC Math aligns to state, national and Common Core standards, and textbooks. Judges appreciated the “diverse catalog of offerings,” and found it easy to use. They also liked the program’s assessment tools.

Aha! Math

Aha!Math supports teachers with multiple models of instruction, and the data to make informed decisions. Judges found it a valuable RTI program; it is fully aligned to state and Common Core Standards and provides tools to differentiate instruction. They also found it wellorganized and easy to navigate on the educator’s end, providing helpful tools to monitor progress over time.

Adaptive Curriculum Science
Adaptive Curriculum

AC Science helps middle and high school students build deep concept mastery through active participation in an immersive, differentiated learning environment, providing real-time feedback and assessment. Judges rated the visualizations as a helpful learning tool. They also ranked the assessment tools very highly.

Blackboard Connect
Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard Connect is a mass notification service that allows schools to reach parents and staff quickly, through the ability to send and track personalized voice, email, and text messages, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and digital signs. One of the standouts, according to judges, was the “Safe Mode”—it allows a user to explore, without the fear of blasting out a message to the entire school community. Judges also liked the Shape Map tool, which uses a map system to determine who will be impacted by an event, and therefore who needs to be called.

Briggs/Cochran Calculus Early Transcendentals, 1st Edition eBook

The Briggs/Cochran Calculus eBook combines narrative material, examples, and exercises with 650 Interactive Figures. The eBook won high praises from our judges, largely due to the anytime, anywhere, access to materials, practice work, and assistance for students. Judges also appreciated the online classes and the additional reference sites.

Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance

The Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance is an all-in-one appliance that can fulfill a school district’s systems deployment needs, including inventory assessment, OS and application provisioning, migration, and recovery. One judge said the program would be an asset to any school. The navigation of the K2000 was also rated very intuitive and simple to follow.

ClassLink Launchpad

ClassLink LaunchPad is a cloud-based, virtualized desktop that provides administrators, teachers, and students with personalized access to their applications, cloud storage, school network files, and shares from any device at any time. One judge called it a great way to allow students and teachers to access district- and school-owned software and resources from anywhere. Judges found it easy to use and to implement.

Destiny Library Manager
Follett Software

Follett’s Destiny Library Manager 10.5 helps students find the right digital content, wherever learning occurs. Students and teachers can search the library using the Destiny Quest mobile app, access up to 130,000 Follett eBooks through seamless integration with the FollettShelf virtual bookshelf, and read them on Apple iOS 4.0 and Android 3.0 or higher devices. Judges found the Library Manager easy to use, and rated the product highly overall.

Discovery Education Science Techbook 2.0
Discovery Education

Science Techbook features video, interactive text, digital simulations, virtual and hands-on labs, and an interactive glossary with animations, audio and video. This all-in-one resource works with any device, including iPads, mobile devices, and laptops. Judges said the resource offers high-quality science content in a very usable and effective format. One judge went as far as saying there were no areas that did not meet expectations.

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise protects computers by freezing the desired software configuration, established by the IT department. Meanwhile, user data can be stored safely on a network drive or in a ThawSpace to be retained across reboots. Judges found it very easy to use, and thought it would be a great addition to a school system to help maintain program integrity. One judge added that it would be a great product for classrooms with learners at different skill levels.

DreamBox Learning Math DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning combines elementary mathematics aligned to the Common Core State Standards with a motivating learning environment and the DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform. The platform captures every decision a student makes while working within lessons, and dynamically adapts and individualizes instruction in real time. Judges liked the motivational “game-based play and rewards.” They cited the program as “age-appropriate,” and also liked that it could be used to differentiate instruction based on assessment.

Econ Ed Live Online Courses
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Econ Lowdown provides free K-12 personal finance and economic education resources. The online learning portal offers 30 economics and personal finance courses, and an instructor management panel. Judges raved over the “collection of superior content,” and one even said it could replace consumer education textbooks.

Espresso Elementary
Espresso Education

Espresso Elementary for Pre-K to grade 5 is an online teaching and learning Web site with a variety of standards-based, multimedia resources that inspire children to learn. Taking a “real-world” approach to learning, it empowers students with familiar examples to reinforce a learning objective. Judges raved over its “great design,” and thought elementary school students would enjoy it. Another judge found that having access to differentiated versions of news articles was a great feature.

HMH Fuse: Algebra 1, Common Core Edition
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

HMH Fuse Algebra 1, Common Core edition, gives every student a personalized learning experience, using video tutorials, MathMotion step-by-step examples, homework help, quizzes, tips, hints, and more. One of our judges said the program “delivers clean formatting of information,” and rated the navigation of the table of contents as “flawless.” Another judge liked how the program uses the interactive capabilities of the iPad, offers smoothly embedded video, and lets students review, practice, and get help from embedded tools.


EdgeWave iPrism Web Security enables schools to create a safe Internet environment, including social media access without the risks, while helping enforce CIPA requirements and school acceptable use policies. One of the extra benefits, as a judge noted, is the support tunnel that gives the EdgeWave support team access to connect and identify issues. Another nice feature is bandwidth quota warnings.


Gaggle’s cloud-based, safe, online learning environment allows students to explore the Web sites they love at school and on their mobile devices. The solution is designed specifically for K-12 education, providing access control, content filtering, and the highest degree of CIPA compliance. Judges said it helps students learn to communicate and collaborate using technology in a safe, controlled environment. They also liked the easily accessible training videos, webinars, and other support features.

LanSchool V7.6
StoneWare, Inc.

With LanSchool 7.6, teachers can remove distractions, demonstrate skills, monitor, and assess student progress. It offers cross-platform support for PCs, Macs, iOS, Linux and Thin Clients. One judge noted that LanSchool can transcend network limitations and be used in BYOD classrooms—this way, absent students can still participate. Another judge lauded the numerous enhancements, especially the “Ask the Tech” feature, designed to help IT staff support teacher needs.

Learn 360

Through streaming video, audio, and accompanying support materials, Learn360 supports Web-based learning by providing an online collaborative environment where users can share information and ideas. Judges found it easy and intuitive to use, and liked the “straightforward presentation.” One judge praised the “vast array of resources that cover a variety of categories.”

Lexia Reading version 8
Lexia Learning

Lexia Reading provides personalized learning on foundational skills for all students from pre–K through grade 4 and accelerates learning for at-risk students in grades 4–12. Judges said the program is built on a solid RTI model. They agreed that it had a solid progression of applications, for students from grades K-8 and beyond.

Mimio 9 and Mimio Teach

The MimioTeach interactive whiteboard transforms any dryerase board into a fully interactive whiteboard. The system’s technology fits neatly into a small, portable bar that attaches easily to a board. MimioStudio classroom software controls all MimioClassroom products. Judges appreciated the quick set-up and portability. They liked the array of features, and found it to be a cost-effective way for teachers to turn any whiteboard into an “interactive learning tool.”

myON Reader
Capstone Digital

myON reader develops a personalized profile for each student, based on interests and reading level according to the Lexile Framework for Reading. Periodic assessments provide the ability to track, measure, and forecast student reading growth by class, grade, building, and district. According to one judge, the district administrator function is “very powerful and can be used to evaluate reading material based on usage.” Other pluses were the ease of use and the portability of the platform.

My Big Campus
Lightspeed Systems

My Big Campus provides an online environment to promote blended learning within a monitored platform that balances educational use of Web 2.0 with network and student safety. It can be paired with the Lightspeed filter for a unique way to share appropriate content. One judge noted the benefit of the “bundle exchange with standards alignment, allowing teachers to share content.” Judges also raved over the Facebook-like interface.

Pearson Compass Suite

Pearson’s Compass Suite streamlines the process of observations, allowing evaluators to input data easily via laptop or mobile device and to generate insightful reports. According to one judge, the building-level administrative use makes it a great tool for evaluations and PD tracking. Judges had a good experience with the colorful, easy-toread, summary representation of data.

Pinnacle Instruction
Global Scholar

Pinnacle Instruction centralizes the creation, storage, and deployment of integrated, standards-based, digital curriculum and assessments. Additionally, educators can share their curriculum through the community content library. One of our judges liked the idea of using technology to allow teachers to spend more time assessing students and less time preparing assessments, and found that this tool can help with that. Another liked that Pinnacle Instruction brings lesson plans, curriculum, data, assessments, and sharing all to one place.

Raptivity - Rapid Interactivity for Effective Learning
Harbinger Knowledge Products

Raptivity allows teachers to quickly and easily create engaging classroom content. Users can craft content from a collection of 180+ interactions. Raptivity output can be used in various devices which support Flash and HTML5. Judges liked the numerous activities for STEM classes, and lauded Raptivity’s up-todate technology. One favorite feature was the ability for students to create apps for various environments.

Safe Browser for iPod Touch and iPad

Mobicip’s Safe Browser for the iPod touch and iPad has been consistently rated among top paid apps, downloaded and used by hundreds of thousands of parents and several schools and school districts in the US. One judge called it a “realistic solution for a mobile environment browser.” The browser “solves a real concern with mobile technology,” and judges liked the ability to integrate YouTube on mobile devices in a safe way.

Reading Assistant
Scientific Learning Corp

Reading Assistant provides individualized online reading coaching for every student. It “listens” to students as they read out loud, intervenes when the student needs help, and automatically scores students’ oral reading. Our judges found that the program covers important aspects of reading; one cited the feature of students being able to record their own reading as a major benefit. The judge thought that students would like this program, because it allows them to progress at their own pace.


SchoolMessenger allows schools to connect with parents, students, and staff, through voice, SMS text, email, and social media. One judge compared it to an older version, and said the overall effectiveness of the new version has made SchoolMessenger the head of its class. The judge found the change in Web interface offered an extraordinary increase in quality.


Shmoop brings a humorous, pop-culture approach to learning, teaching, and test prep materials for teachers and students. The rigorous content is written by teachers and Ph.D. students from top universities like Stanford, Harvard, and U.C. Berkeley. One judge praised the “vast wealth of resources for students and teachers.” Overall, judges found it easy to manage and use in the classroom.

Sibelius First
Avid Technology

Avid Sibelius First helps students start to write and share music. Magnetic Layout and other time-saving tools make it easy to get professional results. Then users can share directly to YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook. One judge rated it easy for musicians and non-musicians alike. The judge thought it would be excellent for school music programs, and for teaching fundamentals in a general music classroom setting.


Schoology is a learning management solution that adapts to any educational environment. It connects educators in a global learning network, and provides access to shared resources, best practices, and more. One judge said it was very userfriendly, since kids would already be familiar with the Facebook-like environment. They also appreciated that Schoology interfaces with products like Turnitin and Blackboard.

Study Island
Archipelago Learning

Study Island enables students to improve their performance in core skill areas, related to state and Common Core standards, with a focus on math, reading/English language arts, science, and social studies. One judge found the program to be well-designed and easy to use, citing “seamless set-up” for a Learning Management System as a winning factor. Judges also appreciated the ongoing updates and improvements to content.

Teachscape Professional Learning Suite

The Teachscape Learn Professional Learning Suite provides access to an array of easy-to-use, research-based, online multimedia content libraries. Judges found the resources very well put together and easy to follow. The judges also thought the suite contained a great deal of useful information.

Time To Know Digital Teaching Platform
Time To Know

Time To Know provides an interactive, comprehensive curriculum and a Digital Teaching Platform to manage instruction, learning, and assessment. Teachers can reach every student with differentiated assignments customized to their proficiency levels and learning styles. Judges appreciated the innovative use of online technologies. One judge liked that it was uniquely designed for 1:1 classrooms, helping schools meet goals for that type of environment.

Teachscape Reflect Video

Teachscape Reflect Video allows users to share, comment, and evaluate video from any recording device. Teachers can view, tag, share, and comment on 360-degree panoramic video or non-panoramic classroom videos and artifacts. One of our judges raved over the effective, research-based, online multimedia content. The judge also called it a top-quality product that fosters educational excellence.


Turnitin is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that helps students with their writing skills by facilitating personalized instructor feedback. The solution checks for plagiarism, provides paperless grading, and automates peer review exercises. Judges raved about the “clear, easyto- follow screens and directions,” and found the program quick to operate. One judge remarked upon the “interesting visual representation of what is ‘copied’ and what isn’t, with links to other sources.”

Cambium Learning Group/Voyager

VocabJourney is an interactive, online reading program that improves vocabulary and comprehension skills for students in grades 3-12. Judges said the attractive graphics and pleasing sounds result in an engaging educational RTI support product. One judge pointed out the benefit of customizable settings, including passage and quiz narration, and “Live Ink” options.

WriteToLearn 7.0

WriteToLearn is a Web-based literacy tool for building writing skills and developing reading comprehension in grades 4-12. Students can practice their essay and summary writing skills, and complete vocabulary-enhancing activities. One judge recommended it as a resource to help teachers free up time for higher-level skill development. Judges liked the interface, as well as the feedback given to students, teachers, and parents.