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BETT 2014 News

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Latest Updates:

Crick Software Apps

Clicker Books is the latest of Crick’s Clicker Apps, which each focus on one key aspect of the company’s reading and writing software, Clicker 6. Clicker Books gives children the tools they need to create their very own talking books. The interface makes it easy for students to independently add their own text, paint pictures, insert photographs, and record sound. Clicker features includes speech feedback and word prediction, and teachers can provide extra writing support in the form of word and picture banks.


Elmacest specializes in developing customized educations software apps and digital broadcasting interactive whiteboards. The digital broadcasting interactive learning is an interactive digital whiteboard, with built-in personal computer, WiFI, Scanner, wireless microphone, IP Cameras, and the ability to broadcast digital series.


eyeTeach, the new K-12 audio and visual teaching aid, will be making its first public appearance at stand G502. eyeTeach deploys sophisticated education technology in the shape of Megapixel surveillance cameras and high-definition audio recording, which allow teachers to see themselves in the classroom environment and review both their own performance and that of their students. eyeTeach can additionally be used for in class presentations, one-to-one student reviews, as a website resource, and for in-house training purposes.


Stop by Intel’s Stand B358 to take an interactive journey to see the latest education transformation solutions, including experiencing a 1:1 classroom from a student's perspective with authentic lessons taught by master teachers from across the globe.

Lightspeed Systems

Lightspeed Systems will be showcasing their Mobile Learning Essentials, which brings together three integrated elements – Web filter, MDM, LMS for one complete solution for anytime, anywhere, any device learning. Stop by stand D180 to talk with product developers and see customer and product presentations throughout the conference. By attending any presentation, you qualify for a chance to win an iPad.


SMART Technologies announces SMART amp collaborative learning software, a cloud-based solution that allows for a seamless transition between learning environments. It is accessible from virtually any Internet-enabled device and eliminates deployment costs associated with operating, upgrading, or supporting numerous proprietary operating systems. The software also helps teachers ensure that students have a consistent collaborative learning experience no matter what SMART Board systems, PCs, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices are available to them.

Soladapt’s Touchscreen Overlay

Turn any desktop PC into a touchscreen with Soladapt’s Touchscreen Overlay. Attach this toughened glass frame to any desktop PC monitor between 17 and 42-inches and students can enjoy all the interactive benefits of touch control, such as pinch-to-zoom and drag and drop, without IT departments having to invest in a costly new touch monitors. Compatible with Windows 8, Vista, Android, and Linux operating systems as well as organisation’s internal virtual networks. Supports desktop PC monitors between 17 and 42-inches in size and multiple screen set ups.

Steelcase Education Workshop on Learning Spaces

Steelcase Education will be offering a workshop on Wednesday 22nd January at 14:30-15:15 at the Learn Live Theatre at Bett. Titled "Increasing Student Engagement through Innovative Classroom Design," the session explores Steelcase’s research insights and key findings to help leaders understand how flexible design and classroom layouts can significantly enhance student engagement and success, by bringing together pedagogy, technology, and space.


Vernier’s Go Wireless Temp, the first in a family of wireless sensors designed and engineered by Vernier Software & Technology, collects temperature data when used with an iOS device. The stainless-steel temperature sensor’s durability, temperature range and wireless capability make it ideal for a variety of classroom experiments using iOS devices. The new sensor allows students to explore temperature in the environment and in systems such as fish tanks, greenhouses, thermal mugs, or heating and cooling devices. Vernier will be at Bett Hall/Stand B322.

Vision Pro

Vision Pro just got better, thanks to the new Learning Center! The Vision Pro Learning Center is a cloud-based tool that supports your blended learning initiatives. Teachers can create assessments anywhere, run assessments during class time, or assign assessments outside of the classroom – perfect for flipped classrooms. Provides automatic grading, and compiles results data in easy-to-use reports. Easily accessible from the Vision Pro navigation ribbon, with no installation is required.

Vocab Express v2

Vocab Express, the online foreign language vocabulary learning application, is presenting its new enhanced version of the service along with a mobile app for students. Vocab Express version 2 brings a new look and feel to the online application, making it easier for teachers to track and monitor their progress. A more flexible answer interpreter has been introduced, enabling synonyms to be accepted as correct answers. Recognising the importance of listening skills, a new dictation mode of vocabulary acquisition takes advantage of the 50,000+ audio files within Vocab Express, enabling students to listen to the term in the target language and then write it down in the target language.


10monkeys has launched a web learning tool and that contains hundreds of math exercises that are presented through a world of monkeys. The tool helps students gain proficiency in topics such as understanding numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 10monkeys web learning tool runs as a cloud-based service and can be used with various devices, from desktops to iPads to interactive whiteboards. The company has also launched a multiplication app for iOS and Android devices that are designed to help kids practice times tables. In the game, children need to save monkeys by using their multiplication skills.

Kudlian has launched AppFurnace, a tool that allows students to design, build, and edit their own mobile device apps. Once created, students can then transfer the apps and use them on a mobile device. The software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. AppFurnace introduces basic computing skills and also includes the option to write code (using Javascript) to enhance the functionality of an app.

Clicker Books and WriteOnline Apps
Crick Software has released Clicker Books, its latest Clicker app, to supplement the company’s reading and writing software, Clicker 6. Students can add their own text, paint pictures, insert photographs, and record sound. As they work, Clicker offers speech feedback and word prediction. Teachers can provide extra writing support in the form of word and picture banks. For middle and high school students, Crick has released the WriteOnline app, based on its talking word processor. The app offers a range of customizable, age-appropriate tools to support writing across the curriculum.

Little Bridge English Apps
Little Bridge World has launched a series of English language learning applications for the Samsung GALAXY Tab3 Kids tablet. Little Bridge English 1 provides instruction in the form of animated lessons, songs, puzzles, and educational games. Another app, Little Bridge DigiPals, offers students access to Little Bridge's English language social network, a safe, moderated environment where students can connect with others in over 40 countries, practice reading, and learn how to use their English writing skills.

OurScholsApp and Text Someone
Contact Group has released OurSchoolsApp, a free, personalized app that keeps parents up to date with the latest news about their child’s school. OurSchoolsApp can be fully branded with the school’s logo, colors, and images. The company has also launched the Text Someone mobile app for students to report bullying 24/7. Finally, Contact Group also offers Call Parents, a messaging system that allows information to be sent to parents or teachers via text, email, or phone.

AssistiveWare has released Proloquo4Text, an iOS text‑based communication app for people who cannot speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. It offers features such as a customizable, single-screen layout for easy conversation, natural-sounding voices in 15 languages, word and sentence prediction, social media sharing, and personalization options.

Teacher Planner
Learning platform and VLE provider, Firefly, has launched its Teacher Planner app for classroom management and communication. Teacher Planner synchronizes to a school’s Management Information System (MIS), enabling teachers to access their schedule, plan lessons, set homework, and provide feedback to students, all from their phone or tablet. The app also allows teachers to see individual profiles of their class, including students with special needs.


Babelzone and Englishzone
British-based language learning company LCF has introduced two Web sites, Babelzone and Englishzone, that teach children language skills through computer-based activities. Babelzone can help students improve their French and Spanish language skills, while Englishzone helps those students for whom English is their second language. The resources are accessible from computers and whiteboards.

Cambridge GCSE Computing Online and New Resources
Cambridge University Press has teamed up with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and exam board OCR to offer Cambridge GCSE Computing Online. Designed to support teachers and GCSE computing students, this MOOC is also accessible to secondary school students who want to learn the basics of computer programming. Cambridge University Press has also launched Cambridge School Shakespeare and Cambridge Primary Maths, two packages that combine online and print resources for classroom instruction. Finally, the company has released a range of new resources for English Language teachers.

Promthean has launched ClassFLow, a cloud-based classroom management tool that enables teachers to create lessons, deliver interactive content across multiple devices, and assess student understanding. ClassFlow connects mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops to classroom displays and interactive whiteboards. This allows teachers to use real-time student responses to instantly adjust lesson plans.

Classroom Monitor
Classroom Monitor has released its whole school interactive assessment solution, updated with levels and results mapped to new tracking models and programs of study. The online markbook enables schools to track students against curricular goals, store evidence, and highlight what individual students need to do next. There are three separate Classroom Monitor products—one for early years, primary, and secondary students.

Dragons in Europe Primary School Chines e-Portal
Dragons in Europe has unveiled a Primary School Chinese e-portal with online auto-marking homework and reporting functions. The portal also includes Kung Fu Kingdom, where students can earn points to move up the achievement ladder and master Mandarin at a primary level.

EducationCity Online Platform has updated its online platform based on customer feedback and offers new English, French, Spanish, ESL, math, science, and computing content to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 (NC2014). Teachers can access the platform through a free mobile app Flash browser on their mobile devices.

Espresso Primary Modules
Espresso Group has released new content, teacher support, and video guides for the 2014 curriculum through modules that address grammar, punctuation, evolution, times tables, geometry, and algebra. The company has also released new Clipbank video content for secondary schools, which can be used on iPads and other tablets.

Exampro has recently published all past paper questions, mark schemes, and examiner comments for CGSE ICT, A-level ICT, and A-level computing in the UK. Teachers can make their own topics tests, revision exercises, or homework tasks using an online interface and dragging questions into their own documents. The computing question bank also provides skeleton programs for six programming languages.

Hapara Dashboards for Google Apps
Hapara has launched Dashboards for Google Apps, a tool that lets teachers and IT professionals see dashboards of student activity across the full Google Apps suite. It also organizes content by class and by student. Teachers also get a view of students’ real-time browsing activity through the Chrome browser.

Qubizm has launched Izak9, a shared learning environment for students ages 8-14.
Two virtual 3D-animated characters, Abacus and Helix, use a set of virtual cubes to pose a cycle of randomized and unpredictable mathematical tasks. Students work together in teams: planning, actioning, reviewing, and evaluating their thoughts and ideas while solving tasks together.

KAZ 20.5 and Online Version
KAZ, a typing tutor system, has introduced a cloud-based, online version as well as a new version of its desktop product, which are both compatible on all software systems up to Windows 8 and Mac OSX 10. It includes motivational materials, the ability to import the school database, and sample lesson plans. With its Adobe Flash interactive multimedia training with text or audio instruction, KAZ Typing Tutor is also suited for students with special needs.

Mathspace, for students ages 9-16, is an online mathematics tools that stores all of the work students do to solve a problem and prompts students for reasons to be given for geometrical solutions. Students immediately know if they have a problem, and can get advice on how to get past that step. Meanwhile, teachers can view students’ progress. Additionally, the Mathspace iPad and Windows 8 apps enable students to practice their math by using their handwriting to enter results, which are automatically digitized and checked.

Mathster is a new K-12, automatically marked, online testing site that offers over 8,000 fully randomized questions. Teachers can create worksheets, design interactive whiteboard resources, set online homework, and construct class tests by topic and level from kindergarten to advanced placement. Compatible with iOS devices, Windows 8, and Android tablets, Mathster also allows teachers to create interactive videos linked to the questions of their choice. Other resources include polling, seating plans, a math dictionary, and a wall and messaging system to communicate with other students as well as the teacher.

MediaCore, a cloud-based video education platform, now offers plug-ins to add high-quality video to the Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas Virtual Learning Environments (VLE). Teachers can embed video and other media into their posts and pages from their institution’s MediaCore library. In addition, users can choose who views the video with MediaCore’s permission system.

Capita Managed IT Solutions introduces MY-SCHOOL, a cloud-based learning portal that provides students and teachers with access to school applications, systems, and services from any device with an Internet connection. MY-SCHOOL can integrate with a wide range of virtual learning environments, management information systems, and school applications.

Open Classrooms MOOC
Open Classrooms has introduced four MOOCs in French. One course focuses on understanding factorizations and development in math. This course can be run in 30-minute classes over three weeks. Another course is aptly titled “Understanding the Web When You Understand Nothing,” and addresses Web languages, networks, and the role of developers. The other two courses cover “Finance: It’s Business,” which is designed for future entrepreneurs and “Design Their Website with PHP and MySQL,” which is designed to help students build dynamic Web sites.

Read&Write Gold 11
Texthelp has released its latest version of Read&Write Gold text-to-speech software. Available for students to apply for using the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), Read&Write 11 Gold includes new features to support students’ reading and writing skills on the PC. One of these features is Voice Note, which allows students to create and embed recorded voice notes within a Word document. Teachers and students can insert instructions or create audio responses.

Science Station
zSpace, Inc. has teamed up with Cyber-Anatomy Corp. to offer Science Station, a K-12, 3D, education platform. The platform combines zSpace’s virtual-holographic platform with Cyber-Anatomy’s 3D anatomy, science, and physiology software. Science Station delivers a package of interactive, virtual, 3D experiences focused on providing lifelike dissections of natural and mechanical structures to give students a deeper understanding of complex subjects and structures. Teachers can personalize lessons based on curricular and student needs.

vision2learn for Primary
vision2learn has launched vision2learn for Primary, which is an e-learning intervention tool that helps teachers identify weaknesses in a student’s understanding of key math and literacy concepts. The tool also offers e-learning materials designed to target these specific areas.

Workspace and Flow
Turning Technologies has released interactive whiteboards and new software applications, WorkSpace and Flow, for use with the company’s handheld voting devices. WorkSpace aids in the creation and assembly of interactive lesson content, and Flow increases students’ participation by using Web-enabled devices or Turning Technologies’ student response keypads. The Workspace software also provides the platform for multi-user collaboration with Mobi and DualBoard interactive whiteboards.


Alice Innovation has launched the MultiKey USB and MultiStick MP3 hubs. The MultiKey 40 + 2 port USB hub enables teachers to duplicate the content of two USB flash drives for up to 40 student USB flash drives. The student keys are indexed by the names of the students. The MultiStick set allows teachers to record foreign language courses and exercises on their MP3 player/recorder and to duplicate the content to the MP3 players/recorders for up to 40 students. At home, the students record the answers to their exercises. Then, teachers can download the content for correction and further processing.

Apperson has released new DataLink scanners, a solution for capturing data from paper assessments. All of the scanners come with DataLink Connect test scoring and reporting software. The scanners also offer Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology, which helps to easily read students’ test sheets and export the data in any format.

Keytracker has launched the latest addition to its range of key and asset management systems, the iLockerz RFiD storage lockers. The lockers allow iPads to be secured, tracked, and monitored. Access is gained via a personal pin code or access card to allow a unique time stamp and HD image to be recorded when iPads are moved. A secure app is also available which allows students to reserve equipment in advance.

LAN3 has released the Reactive Network, which automatically manages network moves, adds and changes; enables mobility for wired devices; offers real-time security detection, reduces VLAN management; and supports 802.1x and non 802.1x devices.

Raspberry Pi has launched CNC Routers and Laser Engraving equipment for students interested in the technological aspects of design and production. The Piranha CNC Router has a working area of 1300x1300mm. Two laser machines, the bench top PJB6050 and the H-Series PJH1060, will be on demonstration at BETT.

Vestel will be showcasing an interactive whiteboard solution, a classroom booking system, digital signage, a totem, a touch screen kiosk, and several all-in-one PC solutions at BETT. The interactive whiteboard solution offers a LED screen with a built-in PC module, eliminating the need for several parts, cables, and extra space for PCs. Teachers can touch the screen to navigate through documents, presentations, videos, or Web sites. Users can save notes, graphs, text, and audio files to print, email, or share them instantly or later. The product is available in 65” and 80” sizes with full HD resolution, as well as 84” in UHD resolution at a 176-degree viewing angle. Vestel has also released a 10.1” tablet solution based on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating systems, and a 7” solution supporting Windows 8.

Viglen has launched its next generation all-in-one PC, Omnino 5, which offers flexibility, choice, and manageability. Viglen offers end-to-end IT, provides flexible ICT solutions for schools and delivers cross-curricular teaching for staff. Visitors at BETT can also check out Viglen’s Vigcloud central learning platform, Classlink classroom management software, and a range of mobile devices and PCs.