Blog Your Bulletin

I thought I could model technology use (and save some time) by sending the staff bulletin out using Email. What’s happened is that I then receive multiple Email questions or comments and when a revision needs to be made I need to create another file attachment and re-send it. Is there an easier way?

Some principals are now using a Weblog or blog to post the staff bulletin, rather than Email attachments. A blog is a Web site that consists of dated entries. These postings appear in reverse chronological order so that the most recent appears first in the list. A blog offers several advantages over Email attachments. First, staff comments as well as your replies may be posted on the blog, enabling other staff members with similar questions or suggestions to read the postings online. This means you don’t have to respond individually to similar remarks. Second, if you need to make a change in the bulletin, it can be done as a new entry and doesn’t need to be individually Emailed again. Finally, most blog hosting sites include RSS technology which allows users with RSS readers to receive automatic notifications when a new comment or entry is posted.

There are several free and low-cost blog hosting sites. Check with your district’s technician to find out which blog host is best for you.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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