Bringing Esports to Bett 2022

Three young men play esports on laptops
(Image credit: Bett)

Following the rapid escalation of omicron cases across the UK and around the world, Bett 2022 is postponed to 23-25 March and will continue to take place at the ExCeL London. Read more

On 19-21 January 2022 and for the first time, Bett is thrilled to launch Esports @ Bett in association with British Esports Association, a non-for-profit national body that is helping to educate parents, teachers and policy makers on the benefits of competitive video gaming.  

Esports can hugely benefit students and act as a super power, to encourage learning, promote teamwork and enhance communication. With 73.8 million concurrent viewers at a recent World Championships, esports is a hugely popular recreational activity that also offers many job and career opportunities around the world. 

What is esports? 

Esports is competitive video gaming, where people of any gender or physical ability play against each other online and at live spectator events. It is very inclusive and can be played by both amateur and professional players. 

In the UK, esports is classified as a game, like chess, and not a sport. With a community of around 222.9 million individuals, it has become more mainstream and the industry continues to grow year on year. 

Getting in the game: broadening student engagement 

Not all young people enjoy traditional team activities such as sport, music, art or drama that are built into the school curriculum. Esports offers a fun and stimulating environment that engages a wider demographic of students who can meet new people and develop existing friendships.  

In moderation, and as part of a balanced lifestyle, esports is a beneficial alternative to watching passive media, like TV or using social media. It directly links to computing education, STEAM subjects, the development of digital skills, cyber skills, and digital literacy. It also promotes character development in exactly the same way that traditional team-based activities do.  

British Esports has even partnered with Pearson to introduce the esports BTEC, the first qualification of its kind in the world with a skills-based focus launching back in April 2020, with more than1800 students currently taking part in the BTEC over both Level 2 and Level 3.  

With more than 70% of schools now considering an esports programme, and with the expectation that the global esports market will triple by 2025, Bett is proud to be supporting such a fast growing and innovative industry.  

Esports @ Bett: the epicentre of all things esports  

Bett in association with the British Esports Association will be launching a multidimensional exploration of the growth of esports, enabling educators, leaders and parents alike to experience and understand its potential within education.  

Landmarked by a central feature on the Bett show floor in the South Hall, this dedicated space will be the epicentre of all things esports, providing a hub within which visitors can participate in gaming, experience real time product demonstrations and hear from industry experts: 

  • The esports feature will include a dedicated theatre offering educational talks on the benefits of taking part in, or having, an esports offering at schools.   
  • Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience and see demonstrations of the tech used in esports and during live competitions from key partners like Lenovo, Acer/Planet9, Republic of Gamers and more.  
  • Every afternoon, join to watch exciting live tournaments for school groups across the UK followed along with live professional commentary. 

Come and visit Esports @ Bett across 23-25 March, with live tournaments, hands-on tech and exciting keynote speaker sessions. Registration to visit here