Can TV boost student interest?

Looking for a way to boost student interest during classes? Consider the SnapStream Enterprise TV server. The program can stream TV recordings from live TV and on-demand into the classroom over your school's LAN, something that until recently, only select universities could do. The program requires minimal upkeep and is simple to configure. Educators can schedule, search, and clip recordings from within the client link software and enhance your lesson plans with relevant TV content. SnapStream's technology is a cross between a DVR and a search engine in that it can record and search thousands of TV recordings; you save the trouble of having to transcribe, record and watch videos.

The appliance can record up to 10 TV shows at a time and store over 9,000 hours of recordings while providing you with the ability to search within recordings to find content you can use for lessons. Users can clip this content and either burn to DVD or stream it to their classroom. Using SnapStream eliminates the need for RF cable drops, DVRs, VCRs and TVs. Additionally, users can create archives that replace the usual VHS and DVD libraries through a centralized library that makes the content easily accessible to teachers and students. SnapStream offers a closed caption search through which users can find what has been said on TV without actually watching the source beforehand. Additional benefits include TV alerts, through which you can receive e-mail messages when your TV recordings mention specified keywords. Administrators can control who can access the server and the levels of access through tiered access; the server integrates with Active Directory, which lets users keep existing credentials and lets administrators manage permissions.