Charter schools offer students live online speech therapy

PresenceLearning (, provider of live online speech therapy services to K-12 students, has been adopted by charter school organizations such as Aspire, Imagine, Leadership Public Schools, Mosaica, Thomas Edison and Ballington Academy to deliver speech-language therapy services to their special education students. PresenceLearning is now delivering more than 5,000 live sessions per month to students in charter, virtual and traditional public schools across 16 states.

“Charter schools face unique challenges when it comes to serving special education students,” said Clay Whitehead, one of the co-founders of PresenceLearning. “As part of the public school system, charter schools are fully accountable for providing special education services and complying with IEPs, but their smaller scale means they have different needs and requirements compared to traditional districts. Leveraging PresenceLearning allows charters to grow in their unique missions while successfully serving a more diverse student population.”

“We have found PresenceLearning and their services to be very friendly, accessible and effective," said. Grace Jiminez, School Director at Ballington Academy of Arts and Sciences (, a charter school in southern California. "Also, it’s nice to not have to worry about the HR side of things - no recruiting, no interviews, no screening - it’s very clean and smooth. PresenceLearning saves us money and delivers excellent quality."