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Contest and Grant News

The national sustainability challenge for K-12 students, the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, asks students to team up with classmates under teachers/mentors to solve environmental problems in their school (grades K-5), community (grades 6-8), and world (grades 9-12).
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Change the World

The national sustainability challenge for K-12 students, the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, asks students to team up with classmates under teachers/mentors to solve environmental problems in their school (grades K-5), community (grades 6-8), and world (grades 9-12). Now entering its fourth year, the challenge is a collaborative effort of the Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education, the NSTA, and the College Board. Students at all levels use scientific investigation and Web-based curriculum tools to create a replicable green solution.

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To register for the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, visit www.wecanchange.com.

Deadline: March 15, 2012.

Grant Rewards Innovative Science Educators

Vernier Software & Technology and the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA) are accepting applications for the annual Vernier/NSTA Technology Awards. The awards, valued at $3,000 each, will recognize up to seven educators who demonstrate the best inquiry- based, hands-on learning activities using data-collection technology interfaced with computers, TI graphing calculators and other handheld devices such as the Vernier LabQuest.

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Each award consists of $1,000 in cash, $1,000 in Vernier equipment and up to $1,000 towards travel and expenses for attending NSTA’s 2012 National Convention.

Deadline: November 30, 2011.

Challenge Their Creativity

Adobe announced The Imagination Challenge, encouraging all students to creatively express themselves across diverse fields, such as engineering, architecture, science, art or literature. During the four entry periods through October 30, students can download a free trial of CS5.5 Student and Teacher Editions, create something original and unique to them and then upload it to the Imagination Gallery. Voters will choose one winner during each entry period who will win $10,000.

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For more contest details, visit http://tinyurl.com/3vdw94v

Lamp-Free Projector Technology Grant

U.S. schools can enter Casio’s Lamp- Free Projector Technology Grant for a chance to win a mobile classroom package worth $12,500. The mobile classroom package includes a Casio short-throw projector, Casio pen and software, 30 pairs of Casio 3D active glasses, and an AVRover Cart equipped with a 3D computer. To apply for the grant, visit www.CasioEducationProjectors.com

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Deadline: October 31, 2011

20th Anniversary Grant

PCI Education, a provider of resources for students with special needs, announces the sponsorship of a grant in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary. Hosted on the online community WeAreTeachers, the grant provides special education teachers the opportunity to earn money for their classroom while collaborating and sharing best practices with educators across the country.

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The grant application can be found at www.weareteachers.com through October 11. Voting will begin on October 13, when the submitted projects will be posted online for public view.



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Contests & Grants.

The 2010 AV erMedia Interactive Classroom Video Contest contest asks teachers and educators to create a twominute or shorter “commercial-type” video on how AV erMedia products have helped or could help in the classroom or on how the teachers and/ or their students would promote AV erMedia as a company, its products, and/or its services.

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Contests and Grants

Nearly 120 entries have been submitted for the second Follett Challenge, and now contest organizers are calling on the public to crown the Follett Challenge winners.

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Contests & Grants

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at SesameWorkshop and E-Line Media announced thesponsors and partners for the 2013 NationalSTEM Video Game Challenge.

Grants and Contests

The SHOPA Kids in Need Foundation is offering teacher grants to fund innovative projects in K-12 classrooms. Awards range from $100 to $500. Deadline: September 30, 2005 Magna Awards recognize outstanding school district programs that promote increased student achievement. There are two $2,500 awards and a grand prize

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Grants & Contests

U.S. K-12 schools canenter the CDW-Gand DiscoveryEducation’s 11th-annualWin a Wireless LabSweepstakes daily for the chance to win oneof 16 weekly prizes and two grand prize labsvalued at $40,000 each.

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Grants & Contests

The PASCO STEM Educator Awards recognize five educators with a prize totaling approximately $4,500, which includes a $1,000 cash award, a $2,000 certificate for PASCO products to further support their STEM program, and up to $1,500 for travel expenses to attend the NSTA national conference, where they will be recognized at the NSTA Awards Banquet.

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Grants & Contests

The FollettChallenge, whichawarded $100,000worth of productsand services to sixK-12 schools a yearago, is returningwith the prizemoney doubledand a new focus looking to reward top-notch educators who arealigning their curricula to teach 21st-century learning skills.

K-8 Science Contest Opens

This national sustainability challenge - now expanded to include elementary school students - encourages students in kindergarten through eighth grade to team up with their classmates to create solutions to environmental issues in their classroom, school and community.