Converting to Digital Audio

Question: How can I convert analog audio to digital audio?

The IT Guy says:
The answer depends on how inexpensive of a solution you are looking for and how high your demands for quality are. There are multiple ways to do this, which involve varying types of hardware and software.

If you already have a digital camcorder and work with digital movies, one easy way is to connect the camcorder (with a blank tape) to your stereo system’s “record out†left and right audio channels (red and white female plugs). Play the audio cassette or record you want to convert to digital format, and press record on your camcorder. When the album or series of songs is over, rewind the tape and then import it into a free digital video editing software program like iMovie for Macintosh or Windows Movie Maker for Windows computers. You will need a firewire card in your computer and a firewire cable to connect your camera to the computer, just like you do for importing digital video.

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