Copia Customizes Digital Learning Platform For Utah Districts

Copia Interactive, creators of digital learning platform Copia, is partnering with Utah’s State Office of Education to digitally deliver a statewide Open Educational Resources (OER) program focused on state-created science content. The OER program, which includes standard-aligned science content for grades 3-12, is designed to promote engagement and satisfy the instructional needs of Utah students and educators.

The Copia platform will allow for the delivery of Utah’s science content within an environment that offers a library of content sources from primary and supplementary providers.

“Our move toward OER was spearheaded by a research project conducted by University of Utah’s Dr. David Wiley.” “The project started with a small group of educators in the Nebo School District, and grew to become a statewide project based on the cost-saving ability and flexibility of OERs and the needs to have texts that students could use with current literacy strategies,” said Sarah Young, the Science Specialist at Utah’s State of Office of Education.

Utah’s Office of Education is currently finalizing the details with the districts scheduled to pilot the Copia-powered OER programs at various schools. The districts themselves are discussing specific implementation plans with said schools.