Copying Animation in PowerPoint

I try to keep animation to a minimum in any PowerPoint presentation, as it tends to distract from the presentation. However, if you do use animation, and want to add the same animation effect to several objects, there is a way to do it quickly in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

  • Create your first object, be it text or graphic.
  • Apply an animation effect to it.
  • Select that object.
  • Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys until a little plus sign appears next to your cursor.
  • Drag downward across the screen.

Your object has now duplicated itself along with the animation effect assigned to the original object. You can do the same for Mac versions X and 2004 by holding down Option while dragging the object. If you want to change the object, select the object and choose another object to replace that object.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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