Creating podcast RSS feed

Question: A lot of programs are available for creating an RSS feed for a district podcast. Is a simple, free solution available?

The IT Guy says:
The social bookmarking website creates unique RSS feeds for every “tag” created by a user. Using a tag for your district podcast is likely the easiest way to create a podcasting RSS feed, and it is free.

Create an account with and copy the full Website path to one of your podcast mp3 files onto your computer’s clipboard. Then post a new entry to your account and paste the Website link to your podcast mp3 file as the site address.

Use the same tag for all your podcasts, and copy the RSS feed for the tag from the bottom of the page. You can either provide that RSS feed address directly for subscribers to your podcast to use, or “burn” the RSS feed using a free service like Feedburner and provide that RSS feed address to your podcast constituents.

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