Cross-Platform Desktop Videoconferencing

Question: We have some teachers who want to participate in a project involving desktop videoconferencing. However they use Windows XP computers and the teachers with whom they want to videoconference are using Macintosh computers. Are there software solutions available which permit cross-platform desktop videoconferencing?

The IT Guy says:
Yes, at least two options are available that permit Windows users to videoconference using a Webcam and software with Macintosh users. The first option, which is free, is to use Skype. The Windows-version of Skype supports videoconferencing, and the Beta release of Skype for Macintosh also does. After connecting within a “normal” audio conferencing Skype call, each user can click the video icon to begin sending their live video image to the other computer.

However, Skype videoconferencing only supports point-to-point desktop videoconferences currently; multi-point videoconferences are not supported. Another option the teachers could pursue is using the commercial software Trillian Pro on the Windows-side. Users of Trillian Pro can videoconference directly with Macintosh users running iChat AV videoconferencing software. Using AIM accounts, a user can initiate a video connection to another user and engage in a desktop videoconference.

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