Customizing Folder Icons

Question: How can I change the look of the folders I create and put on the desktop? I need to organize the shortcuts to Web sites I have set up for my younger elementary students so I can say, "Open the red folder that contains math activities."

The IT Guy says:
Creating special shortcut folder icons for students is an excellent technique for directing students to the correct location on the network to open a template file or Internet shortcut.

The steps to changing an icon are similar for both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. First, download a set of colorful free icons from a site like The Iconfactory ( or Dotico ( Note that for Windows operating systems, icons can be most easily changed for folder SHORTCUTS rather than actual folders. After obtaining icons you want, on a Macintosh computer, click the file icon and press command-I to get information. Click the icon in the upper left corner of the information window, then press command-C to copy it. Close that window and open the information window for the file icon you want to change. Click on its icon and press command-V to paste the copied icon on top of it. This works in OS X as well as Classic operating systems. For Windows computers in a lab setting, you should move the downloaded icon files to a network folder that all users have mapped and read access to. Right click the folder shortcut on the desktop you want a new icon for, and choose properties. Browse to locate a new target for the shortcut icon, select the desired icon, and click OK to close all windows. The icon has changed!

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