Digital libraries support Philadelphia special education effort

Sublime Learning™, provider of professional development products and services focused on meeting K-12 instructional goals through the effective use of technology, has been selected to offer ongoing support for the Special Education Department in the 8th largest school district in the nation.

Sublime Learning’s libraries (eTeachables™ for Visual Learning and Inquiry-Based Learning for Interactive Whiteboards) offer Philadelphia’s special education department easy to use, high quality, online professional development videos that focus on integrating software and hardware already widely available in the district. The multi-year subscription includes:

•The eTeachables™ for Visual Learning library
•The Inquiry-Based Learning for Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) library, which supports instruction around key questions or themes to offer educators timely, problem-based K-8 teaching strategies.

“We see the great benefit of the cost effective, easy and engaging eTeachable libraries as our teachers work to differentiate instruction for our students,” said Russell Washington, Special Education Training Coordinator. Also on the team are Linda Williams, Renay Boyce and Joyce Duke. They agree, saying, “Our teachers are experts at designing engaging lessons and activities with clear objectives for each student, and Sublime Learning supports that with just-in-time resources that help educators better integrate technology into their lessons.”

General and differentiated instruction strategies are incorporated into each professional development video, with downloadable and customizable template, Flipchart or Notebook files for classroom use. These tools support educators’ use of existing software and IWB equipment to their fullest, while also increasing teacher capacity within the classroom.

“It is such an honor to work with Russell Washington and Philadelphia’s Special Education Department because we believe that through informing and empowering educators to teach effectively with technology, more students will have the opportunity to participate in personalized learning experiences,” stated Jonathan Mann, CEO, Sublime Learning. “Toward that end, we’re committed to helping Philadelphia get the most out of their existing technology so they can deliver transformational teaching that engages students and improves performance.”