Document camera ideas

Question: Do you have any creative ways for how we can use the document camera in our classroom?

The IT Guy says:
Document cameras can be wonderful for sharing books in color with a large class, via a projector. They also can be used to showcase other types of student work, including art. With the software installed on your computer, the document camera (usually connected to it by USB cable) allows one to take still image shots of objects or books and subsequently post them on a Web page.

Use the zoom feature of the document camera to obtain close views of objects. If it has a freeze feature, use that to capture a still frame when needed. This can be helpful when giving a book talk, since an illustration can be captured and frozen, and then the book removed from the document camera to read and turn the page. Use the zoom feature to view the inside of objects like fruits and vegetables, and items students bring to the classroom, like different types of leaves.

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