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Does more tech = less reading?

Does more tech = less reading?

Between the ages of six and 17, the amount of time kids spend reading books for fun declines, while the time they spend going online for fun and using cell phones to text or talk increases, according to the “2010 Kids & Family Reading Report,” a national survey conducted by Scholastic and the Harrison Group. In addition, the report found parents expressing concern that the use of electronic and digital devices negatively affects the time kids spend:

¦ reading books (41%)
¦ doing physical activities (40%)
¦ engaging with family (33%)

But the study also revealed signs that technology can help motivate kids to read: Fifty-seven percent of kids aged nine to 17 say they are interested in reading an e-book, and a third of children in the same age group say they would read more books for fun if they had access to e-books on an electronic device.

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