Dueling Photo Applications

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Question: I use Picasa as my main digital photograph organizer, but whenever I hook up my camera, the Adobe organizer tries to take over. How can I make it stop?

The IT Guy says:
If you have Photoshop Elements 4 or 5 installed on your Windows computer, it also installs a photo organizer, which has an image download function as well. When it is installed, it sets itself as the default software for handling images, which means every time you plug in a digital camera or USB flash memory drive, it will pop up and offer to transfer the picture on the device to your hard drive. That's great if it's the software you want to use, and annoying if it isn't!

The place to turn this off is buried pretty deeply in the software. Open Photoshop Elements, and then select the Photo Organizer. From there, go to Edit and select Preferences, and from there select Camera or card reader. In the box that opens, turn off the check mark next to the phrase Use Adobe Downloader to get photos from Camera or Card Reader. Now Adobe Elements will leave your camera, card reader, and USB memory drives alone!

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