Education Hackathon Brings Teachers/Students Together to Develop New Tech Tools

AT&T’s recent education hackathon saw the emergence of several award-winning mobile app ideas, including the following:

  • First place app, developed by a local fourth grade teacher, Reina Cabezas, in collaboration with JeanCarl Bisson and Francisco Nieto, created a reading app that enables real-time analysis of reading fluency scores that can be saved, record, graphed and shared with other educators, parents and peers.
  • Second-place winners, Sanli Wang and Tao Xin, designed an innovative method to remember foreign language words by allowing the user to propose memory devices through drawing pictures or texts.
  • The third prize went to the Dropout Doctor app, created by Jiong Sheng and Neraj Maurarka. The app provides students with the specific consequences of dropping out of school and also provides links to careers of interest to help keep kids focused on their long-term goals.