Educational videos bring world to juvenile offenders

The 1200 students of the Illinois Youth Centers now have access to educational videos from the National Science Foundation, National Geographic and Disney Educational Productions.

“The students in the Illinois Youth Centers need extra attention to turn away from a culture of violence and catch up to their peers academically,” said Illinois Senate President John J. Cullerton. “Access to this cutting-edge educational content will help provide the tools needed to get these young people back on the right track.”

The math, science, social studies and language arts video is being provided by New Dimension Media (NDM), whose president Albert J. Nader, a former Chicago Public Schools student, feels passionately about the need to help Chicago’s at-risk youth.

“I’ve seen what can happen when one misstep in youth leads a child down the wrong road,” said Nader. "I’m committed to doing everything our company, New Dimension Media, can do to help Illinois students become successful and contributing citizens.”

Dr. Lanee Walls, Superintendent of Schools for the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice School District #428, noted that the video content would bring the outside world to the isolated students of the Youth Centers and provide a strategy for addressing their diverse learning styles and needs.