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Electing a US President in Plain English

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The folks at Common Craft, creators of a series of popular videos that explain things such as wikis and RSS in simple and concise terms, have focused their attention on the United States presidential election and have created Election a US President in Plain English. The video uses the signature tools of this series (whiteboard and paper cut outs) to explain in easy to understand terms the process of the Electoral College. In light of our recent presidential election experience, this video is a must for teachers looking to help explain our unique electoral process.



Planning for The Election

Tip: It's time to start planning lessons for the upcoming election! Elections give you a chance to implement some really authentic and exciting content into Social Studies. In the eLibrary you can find some very helpful resources. One of them is a Unit of Practice written for the last election, entitled

Election 2004: U.S. Politics, Government and the Campaign

Every four years the political structure of the United States renews itself when millions of Americans head for the polls to elect a President. What a perfect teachable moment! Get your students excited about national politics and the political leaders of this great nation by taking advantage of election resources

Letters to the Next President 2.0 Gives Voice to Teens’ Opinions in Election promo image

Letters to the Next President 2.0 Gives Voice to Teens’ Opinions in Election

SAN FRANCISCO (August 30, 2016) – Teens may not yet be able to vote, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something to say about election issues. As students head back to school amidst a particularly intense fall election season, educators across the nation have come together to launch the online publishing site, Letters to the Next President 2.0 (L2P 2.0).An initiative that empowers young people (13 – 18) to research, write and make media letters, L2P 2.0 gives voice to the opinions on issues that matter to youth in the coming election. Jointly hosted by PBS member station KQED and the National Writing Project, L2P 2.0 is a massive publishing project that will eventually publish thousands of letters. With the opening of the school year, teens’ submissions have already begun to appear online at www.letters2president.org.