Fiber Optic Network Built for Richmond Public Schools

Richmond Public Schools is bringing high-speed Internet bandwidth to 58 locations across the district with the installation of a new fiber optic network
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Richmond Public Schools is bringing high-speed Internet bandwidth to 58 locations across the district with the installation of a new fiber optic network from Windstream Corp.

The 87-mile fiber optic wide area network (WAN) enables all schools within the district to conduct online and standardized state testing simultaneously without sacrificing bandwidth or Internet speed at any location. In addition, Richmond Public Schools can now take advantage of the benefits that a high-speed network offers educators—from enriched curriculum and new educational resources to ongoing professional development and administrative uses.

“Richmond Public Schools remains committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions that enrich the educational experience of our 21st century learners,” said Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Yvonne Brandon. “Our partnership with Windstream enables us to strengthen our technological infrastructure and enhance classroom instruction. We are thrilled about the opportunities this new fiber optic network will provide for our teachers and students.”

The Richmond Public Schools fiber project was funded, in part, through the E-Rate program, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) and provides financial assistance for eligible K-12 schools and libraries in the United States to obtain cutting-edge telecommunication and Internet services.



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