FLA Consortium of Public Charter Schools Launches Web-Based Evaluation System

observe4success and the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) announce the recent launch of a web-based version of the FCPCS Evaluation System. This new evaluation option, now offered digitally through the observe4success interface, was developed by FCPCS in response to a need for a more flexible observation and evaluation format.

To help ensure public charter schools’ compliance with Senate Bill 736 (SB 736), also known as the Student Success Act, FCPCS developed this comprehensive evaluation system for classroom teachers, instructional specialists, and student services personnel as well as an evaluation system for school-based administrators. The FCPCS evaluation systems were recently recognized by the Florida DOE as having met all requirements stipulated in SB 736 and are currently available for all FCPCS members. Extensive training is available via webinars posted on the FCPCS website. FCPCS has recently engaged Florida-based observe4success to provide a web-based platform allowing administrators to easily use the evaluation tool. A product demonstration, as well as informational webinars, are available on the FCPCS website.

The development process was a collaborative effort, combining both teacher and administrator feedback along with industry feedback surrounding existing solutions. The new option from FCPCS is available from any web-enabled device through this partnership with observe4success.

The system offers differentiated evaluation options for classroom teachers, student services personnel, curriculum support personnel, media specialists, as well as school-based administrators. observe4success’ classroom observation platform brings this evaluation tool online, combining observe4success’ user-interface and analysis capabilities with FCPCS’ comprehensive evaluation tool.