Four new apps for special-needs students

Super Duper® Publications releases four new mobile Apps for the iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®, available at the iTunes® App Store.

The free Super Duper® Age Calculator App allows educators to calculate students’ chronological ages in years and months, as required for tests and assessments. The Age Calculator also has an Android version listed at the Android Market.

The Super Duper® Data Tracker tracks all incorrect and correct responses, automatically calculates the percentage of correct responses, and allows the teacher to email the results to a personal or school address, parents, and administrators.

The What Are They Thinking? App has 60 photo images from the Webber® Photo Cards - What Are They Thinking? Fun Deck ®. Students can touch the screen and thought bubbles to hear what the people/animals are thinking, or they can use their imaginations and create their own thoughtful answers.

The Webber® Photo Cards - 60 Story Starters App combines the images with audio to give students creative ideas for beginning their own stories. Just touch the screen to hear the story starter. Then, have your students say or write what happens next.

Super Duper® Publications creates fun educational materials for children with special needs and language delays.