Free LMS for all U.S. K12 schools

Novachi just released a full feature integrated learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) as a free service for all K-12 public, private, charter, and independent schools in the United States. Novachi education system enables students, parents, and educators to collaborate online by automating many classroom activities such as assignments with automatic grading, lesson plan, syllabus, attendance, progress report, report cards, incident report, permission slips, and more.

Novachi education system includes free SIS management for both schools and districts. Novachi integrates LMS features with traditional SIS component into one central database for administrative reporting, statistical analysis, state and national level reporting. For California, Novachi supports CALPADS import and export for districts and other local education agencies to easily comply with state reporting requirements.

Novachi applies enterprise security technology for safe management of school data within a private cloud. It uses SSL encryption for data transfers and professional-managed firewalls for securing access to the servers within a cloud computing data center. Novachi applies industry-standard business application security solutions for managing individual access within the system.

“The K-12 education community deserves equal opportunity access to the same collaboration technology which the business sector has been relying on for efficiency,” said Bruce Nguyen, CEO, Novachi Inc.

Teachers, school administrators, and district policymakers can sign up for free by submitting a simple form on Parents and students can register anytime for free; they can then obtain an access key from a teacher or school administrator in order to connect to the classroom.