Frequently Used Terms

If you or your teachers are using PDAs, you need to know the language. Have you ever heard of BOBO, 3G, or DRM? Here’s a few terms that can help you help your PDA-using teachers:


3rd Generation mobile network. 3G networks provide fast mobile access to Internet content, enabling the traditional features of desktop PCs, PDAs and phones to be combined into a single device.


Billing On Behalf Of: A billing method often utilized by wireless carriers and mobile operators allowing charges for digital content to be integrated into the customer's monthly bill.


Digital Rights Management: Protecting and securing content distributed online.


Over The Air: A method of delivery for mobile software and digital media.

You’ll find many more tech terms at this fascinating Handango Glossary

Another site to support the Palm-enabled faculty is the USN Handheld Initiative Webliography

Submitted by: Scott Merrick
University School of Nashville
and Vanderbilt University Center for Science Outreach