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Apple revolutionized the smart phone with beautiful design.
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EdTech Citizen
John Calvert
Apple revolutionized the smart phone with beautiful design. Then they “schooled” tech world by creating a gorgeous tablet. Although I am underwhlemed by the details regarding the Apple iBooks, I am excited to watch their involvement move the conversation forward.

Bill Selek edtech
Bill Selek
As a teacher, this is huge. With Apple’s typical dragand- drop interface, I can quickly and easily create an interactive document for my students. This entails a considerable amount of work, but the opportunities for my classroom are huge.

EdTech Researcher
Justin Reich
Will textbooks with images, videos, and dynamic features revolutionize teaching and learning? No. Will they make a marginal improvement in student engagement and learning—in the right schools they probably can. ?



Using Web Forms on an iPhone

I recently purchased a new Smart Phone — of course for use as a mobile phone, but also as an Internet device. I have owned various Smart Phone devices including those from Palm and those under the umbrella of Windows Mobile. This time I decided on an iPhone. I did it for a number of reasons, but mainly I wanted

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Ormiboard’s beautiful design features encourage teachers to spice up most curriculum lessons with moving images, graphics, games, audio, video, polls, and collaborative areas.

Web Authoring Software

Question: Which Web authoring software do you suggest using? The IT Guy says: My favorite Web development software tool is Macromedia Dreamweaver, now available as “Dreamweaver MX 2004” for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Dreamweaver generally writes much cleaner code than Microsoft Frontpage, and is

Web design for novice students

 A new, affordable website design tool for educators and students will be unveiled at the ISTE show from 26 – 29 June at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.  

Web Quest Projects

Created by student teachers preparing for licensure in Virginia, these web quests and web units are designed to encourage students to think critically and learn to use resources wisely. There are projects for all grade levels and for language arts,

Discoverers Web

Name: Discoverers Web Brief Description of the Site: Discoverer's Web has an overwhelming number of links and information about discovery, voyages, and exploration, making it invaluable for student research and teaching lessons. How to use the site: Most social studies or history teachers teach about the