Gale Enhances Product Portfolio

Blue and white Gale logo

Gale, a Cengage company, is making enhancementsacross its portfolio of products, improving the functionality and user experience of its research tools to make its content more discoverable. 

Gale’s product portfolio enhancements include:

  • Enhanced User Experience: helps users identify content relevant to their needs, encouraging critical evaluation and selection, allowing quick access to search tools and relevant content, fostering digital literacy. 
  • Smarter Search Results: highlights important evaluative information to support successful user outcomes and helps users discover relevant content with new features like:
    The Explorer Panel: highlights “More Like This” document recommendations and other supporting information that users value without detracting from the reading experience. 
    Topic Finder: now given more prominence, encouraging further exploration and discovery of content. 
  • User-Preferred Interface: described by nearly 800 students as “innovative and eye-catching.” Students preferred it over competitor interfaces based on the graphics and imagery, color scheme, layout and overall design. 
  • Enhanced Accessibility Features:
    Sticky Toolbar: scrolls with users as they read and maintains easy access to valuable research aides like Citation Tools, Highlights and Notes, and integration with Google and Microsoft.
    Adjustable Text Size: allows users to change the text size of the document for increased visibility. The text size persists throughout the user’s session. Improved Readability: use of larger default font sizes, sans serif fonts, optimized screen width and optimal contrast ratios facilitate a better experience when reading on screen.  

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