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Garden Poles--Building Out Activity

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This activity provides instructions for building out with garden poles and tape. Change on a larger scale makes materials seem more flimsy and joints seem less secure. It also provides students with the opportunity to experience basic physics and engineering phenomena.



Activity Cards

Activity Cards From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention comes a very extensive list of physical activities, from the common (baseball) to the less common (ballet). Each link brings up a very thorough discussion of the activity, its physical benefits, issues of concern, fascinating trivia

Jitterbug Activity

Make a motorized toy that seems to dance a Jitterbug using a recycled CD and a DC motor. Includes intro and demo videos, and a downloadable pdf of the activity.

Afterschool Activities

This Website has a collection of hands on and online activities that can be used in afterschool settings. This resource provides links to instructional digital videos, written instructions, background science, tips for educators, and links to digital library resources for

April 2009 : Out of Control

Don’t worry. This isn’t some negative trope about “these kids today” with their Facebooks and iPhones. This is about some of your colleagues, who are out of control in the best sense of the phrase. I recently restarted the Tech

Inside Out: Discover Anatomy

Inside Out: Discover Anatomy Part of a much larger 'the way things work' site, Anatomy focuses on the role of "skeletons — and why we have them." The section entitled "The Science" provides a look at joints, tissues, and other aspects of biology and bio-mechanics. There is also an

Way Out!

Way Out! Can you help a cow plot a path out of the Milky Way? This cute space game is for all ages and is offered by HubbleSite. Users may pick their level of expertise and can choose from novice, pretty smart about space, or an astrobrainiac. Hubblesite • Learning Games •