Getting Up to Speed on New Work Skills

I’m convinced that we need to change our approach to classroom instruction to better prepare our students for future employment. Now I need to create a sense of urgency with my staff. Where can I find specifics about new work skills and future employment?

One way to get a handle on the skills students need is to beef up your knowledge of what’s happening in the workplace. If you don’t already do it, start reading the Business section of the newspaper regularly. You can also skim articles in business magazines both on and offline. By familiarizing yourself with trends in the workplace, you’ll be in a much better position to help teachers understand changing employer expectations. This information will allow them to identify and target those skills students need to be successful in today’s work force.

Here are links to a few online resources:

Fortune (
Forbes (
Entrepreneur (
Wired (

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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