Go Fish


I just saw a video on “Fish!â€. This great video for motivating teacher covers four points:

  1. Play: Make it fun. When you work with teachers, you can actually have fun by finding millions of ways to play and make professional development fun.
  2. Make it Their Day: Teachers deal with students; professional developers deal with teachers and administrators and maybe even students. Include them in the direction of how they learn and teach.
  3. Be There: Focus on what they want and need. Make it relevant to their needs.
  4. Choose Your Attitude: You can start the day with the possibilities of this day being the best day or not. It’s up to you.

Think about using this video with your teachers as a great way to engage and hook them. You can order the “Fish†kit with the book, workbook, facilitator’s guide, video and even a fish to throw. Call 1-800-328-3789 or visit Fish!

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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