Good Prospects for STEM Careers

Good Prospects for STEM Careers

Average starting salary in the United States for STEM employees compared to the average Source: CEB TalentNeuron research and analysis, CEB Talent Neuron Internal Database, Glass door Analysis May 13 2014

Evidence keeps rolling in—STEM degrees continue to be a valuable asset for college graduates. CEB, a member-based advisory board, says career-minded students should be enrolling in STEM classes for several reasons:

1. Some STEM positions are expected to grow by over 30 percent over the next decade, three times as fast as non-STEM roles.

2. STEM workers can move wherever life takes them. Jobs that have traditionally been found in only a few locations (such as tech jobs in San Francisco) are expected to grow in several cities across the country, such as Phoenix, Denver, and Philadelphia.

3. Over the next five years, IT jobs across non-tech industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and retail, are set to realize large net gains.

On top of this, the average starting salary for STEM employees is 23 percent above the national average.