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Mr. Jaffe's Web Site

Name: Mr. Jaffe's Web Site Jason Jaffe teaches 6th grade at Mill Creek Elementary School in Warrington, PA. His site is a valuable resource for students, parents and teachers. The site contains information about various topics including schedules, handheld computers, and field trips. Homework is posted daily for

Dealing with Objectionable Student Web Sites

A student has created a parody of the school’s Web site on his personal Web page. One teacher is very unhappy because the student has included a spoof of her classroom page. She wants me to suspend him for being disrespectful. What are my options? Tread carefully! If the student is using his personal

Tag. You’re It! Great sites for signs

Are you looking for ways to grab or hook your audience? What if you need a way to market your professional development? WigFlip, has some great places you can go to make some fun signs, graphics, scrolling text, or sticky

Classroom Web Sites: Forcing the Issue

Our school Web site is increasingly popular with the community, and parent representatives on the technology committee are now suggesting that all the teachers need to build and maintain linked classroom Web pages. Just a few teachers are enthusiastic about the idea. Should I force the issue? With all the pressures