Guiding Change for the Informational Stage

You probably know the teacher who has asked you the same questions over and over again. Sometimes it seems that they are not listening, but it may be that they are not sure how to move ahead. They want to learn more about how others are using technology, what technology would work best for them, and maybe how students are using technology. Without the right information, they may find excuses not to use technology. You can help these teachers by providing information in many forms:

  • Web site with links to resources that answer their questions.
  • Newsletter with different articles written by technology-using teachers, with examples of successful use.
  • “Technology Moments†at faculty or department meetings where teachers share how they are using technology, technology tips, or just an “Aha†moment (where technology made a difference).
  • One-hour coaching sessions where teachers sign up to answer specific questions and learn technology that is relevant to them.
  • Technology Tutorials in several forms: paper-based, online, video, or on CD-Rom.
  • List of Conferences and Workshops available.

All of these strategies can help your teachers see how technology relates to their teaching practice.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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