How Can We Stream Video to Desktops

Question: What hardware and software will create video archives of presented staff development training sessions? And is it possible to stream content live to teacher computers in the district?

The IT Guy says:
Different solutions abound for streaming video content, but few of the free or inexpensive solutions stream both a camera video source and a supplementary video source like a PowerPoint presentation or a document camera view. One solution that can handle either archived versions on a Website or live "on demand" video streams is MediaSiteLive.

A portable hardware and software solution is available which can be customized to use IIS servers already operational in your district, but the device can be moved to different locations as required. DV sources or other existing analog video sources can be utilized. For larger school districts or Educational Service Units/Centers wanting to offer more robust and flexible staff development options for educators, MediaSiteLive is an extremely powerful and flexible solution.

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