Is Off-Campus Cyber-bullying Ever School Business?

Recently a student was being bullied on campus. I stepped in at the parent’s request and took disciplinary action. Now the perpetrators are bullying the same student using a Website they created at home. The parent has asked me to intervene again, but what can I do about something taking place off campus?

Actually, you can probably treat this in the same way you would if the bullies were using school equipment and Internet access to build and maintain the site. Why? Because you have a direct link to misbehavior that did occur on campus.

Cyber-bullying is a serious issue that must not be ignored. This behavior can be extremely damaging to the target of the bullying. Also, under the circumstances described here, it’s possible that the school district could have some liability if no action is taken. You need to discuss the situation immediately with the appropriate district officials to determine how to proceed.

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