June 2012, What’s New

June 2012, What’s New

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Adobe Revel 1.2

Adobe has released an update of Revel, the photography app that gives people one place to put all their photos, which they can access from the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The app includes editing tools and offers users the ability to share photos with family and friends.

Atomic Learning Training Library

Atomic Learning recently added new content to its training library, including two new workshops: on avoiding plagiarism and Internet safety. The workshop on plagiarism teaches students how to paraphrase and create reference pages using free, online tools. The Internet safety class reiterates that everything we post on the Internet is public and permanent, and helps kids avoid online dangers.

Blackboard Mobile Central and Explorer App

Blackboard has added augmented reality to its Blackboard Mobile Central platform. The company has also introduced Explorer for iPhone, a free standalone app that leverages the same interface to uses the iPhone’s camera, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. Students can point a smartphone at a campus building, and find out its name, significance, hours of operation, and historical information.

Blended Learning Boot Camp

ePals and edWeb. net have launched Blended Learning Boot Camp, an online professional learning community (PLC) to support educators, free of charge. The PLC will provide a forum for guidance and support for educators who are integrating technology into the curriculum.

Brave New World of Education

McGraw-Hill Education has released the report “Brave New World of Education: Personalized Adaptive Learning Tools Promise One-on-One Tutoring for All Students,” which pinpoints use of sophisticated adaptive learning tools as the nucleus of personalized education in K-12 and higher education classrooms. The report is available on the company’s Web site.

Desmos App Integrates with Google Drive

The Desmos, Inc. Graphing Calculator app now integrates with Google Drive, the cloud storage and collaboration service. The Desmos graphing calculator is a fully functional, free, browser-based graphing calculator.

Destiny 10.1

Follett Software Company has released Destiny 10.1, with new features for the K-12 software product that will allow customers to perform more efficiently and connect with their students. FollettShelf integration allows student to have an enhanced eBook reading experience anywhere, anytime.

DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning announced a series of 25 new and enhanced Interactive Whiteboard Teacher Tool lessons that promote conceptual understanding of core math topics. The visual tools, which align with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, as well as the Standards for Mathematical Practice, are organized by grade and topic.

E2020 Courses

E2020 Inc. has created a suite of courses designed to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The courses integrate best-in-class tools to engage students in conceptual development and critical thinking.

Inspiration Maps App

Inspiration Maps, the app that brings visual thinking and learning to the iPad, is now available on the app store. The app allows all types of learners to capture their ideas, work smarter, and build skills that are delineated in the Common Core State Standards.

iPrism Web Security v7.0

EdgeWave Inc. has released a new version of iPrism Web Security, which includes native support for student access to YouTube EDU-only content. The integration allows schools to support compliance with acceptable use policies for accessing video content that is safe and appropriate.

Know New Ideas

Knovation announced the launch of its new online “connected learning” community, Know New Ideas. Know New Ideas is an online resource for educators who want to connect and learn with peers and other professionals who are interested in advancing the delivery of personalized learning and digital transformation at the classroom, school, and district levels.


New from School Improvement Network, LivePlanner is the “workshop” to LiveBook’s “course and theory” learning process. LivePlanner provides step-by-step instructions and tools to create customized curriculum maps that help teachers meet the Common Core Standards.

NovaNET and SpeechStream

NovaNET Courseware is now speech-enabled with Texthelp Systems’ SpeechStream, an intuitive text-tospeech toolbar that gives students the ability to read while hearing text read aloud by a high-quality, digitized human voice. Students can also use the toolbar’s Translator feature to translate any unfamiliar words.

Onboard Series for Advanced Placement

McGraw-Hill Education introduces the ONboard Series for Advanced Placement, an all-digital learning solution designed to improve student performance in AP classes and exams. ONboard is a robust, researchbased program that is appropriate for all students as an introduction or review of core topics.

PBS TeacherLine Technology Integration

PBS TeacherLine, a provider of online professional development for pre-K-12 educators, has updated two of its technology integration courses. The course TECH145 introduces teachers to new Web resources that promote smart use of the Web by students, and TECH 335 helps teachers and students learn about publishing on the Web.

PD 360 Bullying Videos

School Improvement Network has added new content to PD 360, the online professional development platform. The content describes and shows ways for educators to stop the bullying in their schools.

Planet Bonehead

Learn360 has released six new science titles for the Planet Bonehead science and technology animation series. Geared for the pre-K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 grade levels, each nineminute documentary presents current environmental and wildlife issues, and explains how they affect humans on a local, national, and global scale.

ReviewLink 1.0

Lectora introduces ReviewLink 1.0, a collaborative e-Learning review tool. ReviewLink is now included in Lectora Inspire and Publisher e-Learning authoring tools. The review tool helps teams share and review Lectora courses online, anywhere and at any time.

SchoolWires Mobile App

The Schoolwires Mobile App delivers information in a user interface designed specifically for smartphones. Students, parents, and administrators can access content available on the district’s Web site, directly from their smartphones. Administrators can also keep parents and students informed of last-minute changes to after-school and sports activities.

Super Duper Grammar Applications

Super Duper Publications has added two new educational grammar applications— Using I & Me Fun Deck and Was & Were Fun Deck—to its family of apps for Apple handheld devices. The apps help children learn pronouns and verb forms and give parents and educators the tools to keep track of student progress.

TechBASIC 2.0

ByteWorks, Inc. has released TechBASIC 2.0, a STEM app for the classroom and lab that brings the power of desktop computing to the iPhone and iPad. This matrix-rich implementation of the BASIC programming language is the ideal platform for the lab, math class, or for learning computer programming.

TEDTalks on Classroom Video On Demand

Infobase Learning has added more than 200 TEDTalks to its Classroom Video On Demand streaming video product for the high school market. The digital delivery system allows educators, students, and librarians to conveniently view the TEDTalks as full-length videos or instantly access predefined segments that make it easy to find specific curriculum topics quickly.


Pearson’s awardwinning online writing tool, WriteToLearn, has released a new version. The online writing tool still provides automated scoring and immediate feedback, but now WriteToLearn does a better job of finding the most frequent grammatical and mechanical errors, such as run-on sentences, incorrect word usage, and errors in punctuation.


Chief (www.chiefmgf.com) has released the WBM2 Series Micro-Adjustable Whiteboard Mount. The solution allows teachers to install a new interactive board over a pre-existing chalkboard or dry erase board, resulting in a clean installation that keeps all original equipment intact.

ELMO USA’s (www.elmousa.com) TT-12 Document Camera offers a small and lightweight solution for teachers. Key features include 12x Optical Zoom, a multi-directional camera neck, and new Image Mate software with audio and video recording.

CurriculumLoft (www.mykuno.com) has introduced KUNO 3, the Android 4.0 tablet designed for education. The new KUNO will be upgraded with a 4:3 display ratio, dual camera, and both USB and HDMI capabilities.

Epson America’s (www.epson.com) WorkForce Pro GT-S50 document scanner, coupled with Digitech Systems’ robust document management software, helps administrators keep their school records organized and easily accessible.

Casio America, Inc. (www.casio.com) has introduced the fx-55 PLUS . Designed to appeal to elementary school students, it can display fractions in natural form, as well as calculate time and percent.

Tripp Lite (www.tripplite.com) has added a new product to its SmartRack Series of Wall-MountRack Enclosure Cabinets. The SRWF5U Low-Profile Wall-Mount Rack has a vertical orientation that allows it to lie flat against a wall, making it ideal for cramped classrooms.

Contemporary Research (www.crwww.com) introduces the QDA4-45, a digital combiner/ amplifier that can switch between one or four inputs, with adjustable 0-30 dBmV gain for up to 45 dBmV level output. Designed for QMOD HDTV modulator applications, the QDA4-45 can receive an RF feed from one to four QMOD modulators or QCA9-33 Active Combiners.

Learning Resources (www.learningresources.com) has introduced the Simple Technology product line—affordable technology tools designed to be easy to use for both teachers and students. Highlights of the line include the Zoomy handheld digital microscope, the Easi-Speak USB recorder, and the Luna interactive projection camera.

Epson America (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) has introduced the PowerLite X15 projector, delivering bright images and advanced connectivity to small- and mediumsized classrooms. The projector offers 3,000 lumens of color and white light output, XGA resolution, and advanced connectivity features.

Intel’s (www.intel.com) new 7” studybook tablet includes classroom-specific applications and is durable enough to withstand student use. The company has also unveiled a Teacher PC criterion to help facilitate 1:1 eLearning with Learning Series tools.

NEC Display Solutions of America (www.necdisplay.com) has announced the latest addition to its next generation MultiSync EA Series, the EA223WM. The 22” mercury-free monitor incorporates LED-backlighting technology to reduce power consumption and improve energy efficiency.

ViewSonic (www.viewsonic.com) has added greater connectivity options to its VMA15 and VMA25 MultiClient Adapters, as well as software support for Microsoft MultiPoint VMS2011 and Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011. These new zero client plug-and-play adapters allow teachers to connect multiple computer stations to a single host computer directly over USB while the LANbased VMA25 connects up to 20 stations throughout a building to a single PC in the server room via the Ethernet.