Las Vegas Project Selects Furniture, Equipment Provider for New School

School Specialty, Inc. has been contracted by the Las Vegas Downtown Project as a provider of furniture and equipment for the Downtown Project’s new early childhood center in Las Vegas called the 9th Bridge School.

As part of a vision to transform downtown Las Vegas, organizers of the Downtown Project founded an Education Initiative with the goal of establishing an innovative and creative new educational environment. The school, which will open as an education center for students from six weeks to kindergarten age, will use Common Core requirements as the basis of its curriculum. Designers have incorporated tenets of positive psychology and neurolearning to create classroom environments and advanced teaching models that are more attuned how the brain learns.

The Downtown Project plans to expand the 9th Bridge School year by year from early childhood-only to a full K-12 offering, depending on enrollment fluctuation and other factors. School Specialty’s current work for the early childhood center can be extended as the school grows.

"We have been very pleased by our relationship with School Specialty. The School Specialty staff, including the educational marketing and sales teams, possess a high level of professionalism, innovation and creativity,” said Connie Yeh, head of the Downtown Project’s Education Initiative. “We appreciate their valuable input in assisting us to achieve our goals."

The 9th Bridge school will be located at 9th Street and Bridger Avenue in downtown Las Vegas and is scheduled to open its doors later this year.