Learning platform spurs math achievement

East St. John’s School in LaPlace, Louisiana has experienced a 27 percent improvement in a single school year for their eighth grade math students. Principal Perry DiCarlo attributes the success to a newly-implemented program, the Learning 360 Framework.

“Because of the Learning Framework, we now have more students at Basic and Advanced levels than students at unsatisfactory levels—a major milestone for Fifth Ward Elementary,” said Perry DiCarlo. This advancement comes despite the region's ongoing recovery from the ravages of hurricanes in recent years.

Learning 360 Framework is a dynamic, comprehensive learning system centered on research-based principles of instructional strategies. It has three major components to assist educators: Learning targets that are rigorous, relevant, visible, and concept-based; assessment that is purposeful, aligned, and growth-producing; instructional features and strategies which are effective and engaging. The eight stages of the Learning 360 Framework training and coaching include quality learning targets, learning environment, formative assessment, student self-assessment, big rock curriculum concepts, summative assessment, learning design, and powerful learning strategies.

"Learning 360 Framework is of particular value to schools that are not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)," said Curtis Linton, Vice President, School Improvement Network (SINET). "After producing over 1,400 videos on the best practices of nearly 150 recognized experts and authors on teaching, learning, leadership, and professional development, we have been able to condense the best of the best into one learning framework to move student performance to significant levels of improvement in a relatively short period of time."