Long Review: Lightspeed’s My Big Campus

David Andrade tests Lightspeed’s My Big Campus, an online service that allows schools to create an engaging, collaborative online environment. Below are some of the latest feature highlights of My Big Campus:

Lockdown: This feature will temporarily limit a student’s ability to use messaging and wall posts to communicate with other students. The teacher can lockdown individual students or an entire group/ class. The lockdown lasts for 15 minutes and then resets and can be used as a classroom management tool, or to help students focus on a specific lesson or task. During a Lockdown, only schoolrelated activities can be performed.

Groups: Teachers and administrators can create groups based on classes, class group, subject, teacher groups, and more. Group members can have different permissions for access to resources in My Big Campus. It makes communication and collaboration very easy. You can even do video chats in a group.

Collections: A collection is a set of library items and/or files that you set up based on lessons, assignments, topics, or your own needs. You create a collection under “Your Stuff.” This is a great feature for sharing resources with others.

David Andrade is a Physics Teacher and Educational Technology Specialist in Connecticut.