Macintosh OS 10.4 Tiger without a DVD drive

Question: I have an older Macintosh G3 “blue and white†tower in my classroom and am wondering if I can run the newest 10.4 “Tiger†operating system?

The IT Guy says:
If your G3 has a DVD-ROM drive that will recognize and play DVDs, then the answer should be yes as long as you have enough hard drive space and RAM memory.

If you do not have a DVD-ROM drive, but just a standard CD-ROM drive, then unfortunately you cannot install OS 10.4 Tiger on the computer unless you replace the CD-ROM drive with a DVD-ROM drive. The blue and white G3 computers do not allow booting to another computer or peripheral via firewire like an external DVD drive or laptop computer in “target disk mode.†Newer PowerMac computers do support this mode, and on these machines upon restart you can hold down the “option†key to view bootable startup drive options.

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