Make Your Handwriting into a Font by Tim Lauer

YourFonts is a free online font generator that allows you to easily create a computer font from a sample of your handwriting. Fonts created work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The process of font creating involves downloading and printing a template. You fill the template in with an example of how you form each letter, numeral and common symbols such as a period, question mart... The next step involves the use of a scanner to scan your writing sample and save it as a graphic file. The file is then uploaded to the YourFonts web site and in a matter of moments your font is ready to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

I found the process to be very easy and was impressed with the ease with which I was able to create a font. This is a great tool for classroom teachers looking to take advantage of desktop publishing software and at the same time create personalized signs and notes.