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Millenials Think Tech Opens Doors

Telefonica, in partnershipwith Financial Times,commissioned a globalsurvey to find out how theMillenial generation viewsits use of tech.
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Telefonica, in partnership with Financial Times, commissioned a global survey to find out how the Millenial generation views its use of tech. Here is a highlight:

Eighty-seven percent say technology makes language barriers easier to overcome.

■ North America: 91%
■ Latin America: 91%
■ Western Europe: 89%
■ Central & Eastern Europe: 94%
■ Asia: 84%
■ Middle East & Africa: 86%

Sixth-nine percent say technology creates more opportunity for all, as opposed to a select few.

■ North America: 76%
■ Latin America: 74%
■ Western Europe: 76%
■ Central & Eastern Europe: 76%
■Asia: 61%
■ Middle East & Africa: 75%



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