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Question: Why can't I use music I loaded on my computer in Photo Story 3 or PowerPoint?

The IT Guy says:
If you have copied music from a CD onto the hard drive of your computer using iTunes or Windows Media Player, there are some settings that can interfere with the ability to use the downloaded files in multimedia programs such as Photo Story and PowerPoint. Because the two programs have both gone through so many versions (up to eleven for Windows Media Player and seven for iTunes), I can't go into very specific detail for how to fix it, but I can give you a general set of directions.

In Windows Media Player, there is an option to copy-protect the music you import from a CD. If that option is turned on, the music you import will not be usable to other programs. To fix this in version 10 of the program, go to the Tools menu and select Options. Find the tab that says Rip Music and turn off the option that reads Copy protect music. (If you still have trouble, in this same place change the format of the downloaded music to mp3. You'll need to re-import the music, though.)

In iTunes, the default format for downloaded music is .aac, which some programs won't recognize. To change the import format to .mp3, which is more widely used, go to Edit and select Preferences. Click on the tab labeled Advanced. In the window that opens, click on the Importing tab. Where it reads Import using, select MP3 Encoder.

These directions are for version 7 of iTunes, but will be somewhat similar for earlier versions.

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