National Science Foundation-funded Common Core Math Program Released

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced the latest edition of Math Expressions Common Core 2013, an elementary National Science Foundation-funded (NSF) program that addresses the Common Core State Standards, the Standards for Mathematical Practices, and the Common Core Learning Progressions.

Math Expressions Common Core 2013 enables students to learn and practice critical math strategies, while also challenging them to explore and justify their own ideas. With special emphasis on Mathematical Practices and Mathematical Progressions, teachers create an inquiry-based environment and encourage constructive discussion.

Leveled writing prompts throughout the program help sharpen students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills. The program is differentiated for all learners, and includes intervention, on-level, and challenge variations to support classroom needs.

A digital component to the program offers an eStudent Activity Book, which gives students and parents 24/7 access to educational content and provides for anytime, anywhere learning. Also included in the digital offerings are interactive whiteboard activities and digital manipulatives; Soar to Success Math Response to Intervention; and built-in professional development in the eTeacher Edition.

Authored by Dr. Karen Fuson, a researcher and mathematics scholar at Northwestern University, Math Expressions Common Core 2013 was designed with an emphasis on international math standards and the approaches of high-achieving international programs.