Needs and Gots

A good needs assessment before any professional development session helps you focus on content and topics that are relevant to the participants. This is not always possible. The first time you meet the participants may be the day of the workshop. A Needs and Gots poster can help you meet the needs of the individual participants.

  • Write on a flip chart a table with the left side Needs and the right side Gots.
  • Provide everyone Post-It Notes (one color) to write down any Needs they might have.
  • Explain that they can write down needs that come up based on the topic of the workshop and include their name.
  • At anytime, they can put the Post-It on the flip chart.
  • In the middle of the day, share any needs with the groups.
  • Ask participants if they have a solution for the Need, write it on another Post-It (different color), include their name, and post it in the Gots column to the right of the Need.
  • Compile all Needs and the Gots and put in a digitized form that can be shared with the entire group.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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