New dual-pathway math solution released

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), in coordination with Big Ideas Learning today announced the completion of a dual pathways curriculum for middle school mathematics – Big Ideas Math.

With the release of the Big Ideas Math Accelerated Grade 7 and Big Ideas Math Algebra 1, Big Ideas Math now offers the complete Common Core State Standards solution with both regular and compacted pathways. These new releases are both part of the latter track, in which students complete all high school Algebra 1 by 8th grade, preparing them for Calculus and other college-level courses.

The Big Ideas Math program has won a 2012 Textbook Excellence Award for math and statistics, an honor bestowed by the Text and Academic Authors Association. The annual program honors excellence in textbooks and other learning materials in eight different academic categories.

Big Ideas Math is a common core state standards curriculum that uses the standards for mathematical practices. The narrower and deeper curriculum is presented through a balanced approach to instruction.