NY District Adopts Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

Elwood Union Free School District in New York State comprises four schools including Harley Avenue Primary School (grades K-2), James H. Boyd Intermediate School (grades 3-5), Elwood Middle School (grades 6-8) and Elwood John Glenn High School (grades 9-12).


The District uses Google Apps for Education, a web-powered solution that allows students and faculty to access documents, calendars and sites on almost any mobile device or tablet. The transition to a cloud-based environment put a strain on Elwood’s existing infrastructure and it quickly became clear that the school needed to find a reliable Wi-Fi solution that could support this new cloud-based environment on a limited budget. Also important to consider was the transition to online testing, which is on the horizon as a mandate as soon as next year. Faced with these requirements, Gene Tranchino, executive director of administrative and instructional technology at Elwood Union Free School District, began his search for a robust wireless solution.

Aerohive Solution

Aerohive was chosen for its flexible wireless solution and its controller-less architecture, which eased deployment. Elwood Union Free School District is currently using Aerohive’s HiveManager Online and HiveAP121s in all of its buildings. Aerohive's HiveManager Online provides Elwood Union School District with real-time visibility and the ability to centrally manage the network and access the system from any Internet connected device.