October 2011, What’s New

October 2011, What’s New

Online & Software
Air Display for iOS

Avatron Software has released a space-maximizing app for the iPad and/ or iPhone that gives users an onthe- spot extension of their Mac or Windows PC. The app also works with netbook, laptop, or desktop computers and allows for a wider, more complete view of the user’s monitor. Air Display adds up to 70% more screen space, so students and teachers can work more productively with the expanded workspace.

Assessment Import and Prescription

Learning.com’s new Assessment Import and Prescription solution offers districts a resource to fully utilize their assessment data. Districts can import third-party data into Learning.com’s Sky platform. Sky identifies and prescribes a curriculum that addresses gaps in student learning. Teachers can assign the curriculum and monitor their progress within Sky.

ASCD Professional Development Courses

ASCD has released new editions of 12 of its popular online professional development courses. The second edition courses offer improved navigation, new video content, and additional materials for download, including PDF readings and job-embedded resources. The updates include What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action, Assessment: Designing Performance Assessments, and Classroom Management: Building Effective Relationships.


Bookstream is a new cloud-based library that delivers eBooks to students’ iPads, smartphones, and laptops. Developed by Don Johnston, Bookstream makes it easy for educators to hop on the Internet, upload eBooks, and share them with students for anytime reading. The program was designed to help educators comply with IDEA 2004, which requires schools to deliver core curriculum in accessible formats to support students with disabilities.

CINCH Learning

McGraw-Hill has created a new, cloud-based curriculum for K-12 math and 7-12 science that students can access on any tablet, computer, or mobile device. CINCH Learning offers educational games and social networking elements, like the ability to highlight content and have a discussion that resembles a Facebook comment thread.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Pearson launched Cogmed Working Memory Training for K-12 students in U.S. schools. Successfully used in schools in Sweden since 2003, Cogmed training is an evidence-based, computer training program that strengthens students’ working memory and learning abilities. Delivered to students via computer at school or at home, Cogmed Working Memory Training consists of 25 sessions of 30 to 40 minutes each over a five-week period.

Discovery Educationstreaming

Discovery Education has made upgrades and enhancements for its digital learning service, Discovery Educationstreaming. The service has new resources, better navigation, and a free, threeweek webinar series to help teachers incorporate digital resources into their curricula.

DreamBox Learning CCSS Report

DreamBox Learning has announced the release of its Common Core State Standards Report. This feature allows educators using the DreamBox Learning K-3 Math platform to view a realtime report on individual student progress against the CCSS for Math (CCSSM). When students complete lessons in DreamBox, teachers can access the CCSS Report directly from the Learning Dashboard. The report supports any basal math curriculum.

eBackpack iPad integration

eBackpack has added an enhancement to its secure, cloud-based file storage, file sharing and file collaboration service to make it easier for teachers to manage files using their iPad. Students can now turn in homework electronically and the teacher can comment, grade, and return assignments from their iPad, without ever using paper.

Faronics Insight 7.6

Faronics has announced the release of Insight 7.6. The latest version of the classroom management software offers more teacher control and administration, enhanced student monitoring, and better support for assorted technology platforms such as Ubuntu Linux and Vernier LabQuest. Teachers can now monitor students through a screen feed feature that shows student monitors at random. The new version of Insight also features testing enhancements, such as the ability to add students to tests already in progress.

Inkling Version 2.0

Inkling, a platform for interactive learning content on iPad, announced the release of version 2.0 for iPad. Students can use Inkling textbook channels to collaborate, search, and study more effectively. Inkling 2.0 includes: study groups, book experts, study guides, and searches.

K5 Learning Reading and Math

K5 Learning has unveiled their online reading and math enrichment programs for elementary students to use at home. Individuals are initially assessed in key reading and math subskills, and then the program provides a personalized study program. The program allows children to work independently at their own pace.

Knowledge Delivery Systems Platform 2.0/eClassroom

Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) has announced an expansion of its online Platform 2.0/ eClassroom, a professional learning environment. The environment expands the KDS online professional development offerings to include a place for course taking, peer evaluation and interactive discussions. Students can post in forums, send private messages with course facilitators, and can build and download a portfolio of their coursework.

Lectora Releases Version X.5

The latest Lectora eLearning software release includes new Flash games, media player skins, enhanced 508 compliance and customization options to enhance eLearning courses and training. This release also features more than 300 photographs of real people—23 new characters and 15 different pose—to add visual feedback, greater interactivity, and excitement.

Livescribe LEAP

Livescribe has launched Livescribe Educator Ambassador Program (LEAP), designed to provide K-12 educators with smartpens. Each participant receives one smartpen, one dot-paper notebook, one code for the “Livescribe Smartpen 101” online training course, a K-12 idea book, and a monthly newsletter with new teaching ideas.


Mackin Educational Resources has launched a new ebook and online database management system, MACKIN VIA. Free to Mackin customers, the system allows students, librarians, teachers and administrators to simultaneously use and manage their ebooks and online databases with one login. VIA is whiteboard-compatible, can be used on any device with Internet access, and eliminates the need for multiple logons to use the school’s eResources.

Netop MyVision 3.1 and Vision7

Netop, provider of classroom management software, has announced new versions of Netop MyVision 3.1 and Netop Vision7. The basic version of MyVision now comes with upgraded chat technology while continuing to deliver the computer-monitoring, Internet blocking capabilities from previous versions. The upgraded Netop Vision 7.2 adds browser support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4, along with extended Web blocking capabilities and language support.

Note Taker HD

Note Taker HD is an app that permits users to write directly on the screen of the iPad. Teachers draw and project presentations; students take notes using color and readymade shapes and arrows. Other highlights include: folders to organize and store documents, PDFs, and pages; single-file full Backup/Restore and multi-document Save/Load; four user-settable preset pens of multiple colors and widths; and more.

PresenceLearning Speech Therapy

PresenceLearning, a provider of live online speech therapy to K-12 students, has partnered with Amprey and Associates to help broaden awareness of the company’s services to education. The partnership will help schools incorporate live online speech therapy, taught by fully credentialed speech language pathologists (SLPs), into their special education programs.

Shmoop New Learning Guides

Shmoop has added even more free online Learning Guides to its Web site to help students and teachers prepare for the school year. The Learning Guides now span 12 subject areas, including U.S. History and Literature. Students can also access College 101, a free guide to college admissions that covers topics such as entrance tests, financial aid, and scholarships.

Sketchpad Explorer for the iPad

Key Curriculum Press has announced the launch of Sketchpad Explorer, an iPad app that lets students in grades 3 and up explore Dynamic Geometry mathematics. The program offers access to the library of The Geometer’s Sketchpad math content on the Web, including Sketch Exchange, the Sketchpad Resource Center, and teacherpublished Web sites.

Teacher Compass PD

Pearson recently launched Teacher Compass PD, the latest addition to its Teacher Compass Suite of comprehensive teaching effectiveness programs. Teacher Compass PD is a web-based, on-demand professional development platform. Used in conjunction with Teacher Compass Observe, the program creates individualized professional development plans based on observation data.

Teaching Systems: Nutrition

Cerebellum Corporation has developed the Teaching Systems: Nutrition video series for grades 6-12 to teach students—using a unique and humorous approach—about healthy living and essential nutrition topics. Teaching Systems: Nutrition offers a comprehensive review of the most important topics in nutrition including micro- and macronutrients, nutritional disorders, sustainability, nutritional labels, the food spectrum, and more.

Vector Tracker

Twist Education, a company that makes mobile apps for high school students in science, just released Vector Tracker. The game helps students learn displacement vectors in a fun way, and through a variety of levels tailored to the student’s skills. Other physics-related apps are also available.

Word Dynamo

This online and mobile learning experience combines the engagement of gaming with proven study techniques. An authoritative, game-based assessment provides an estimate of each player’s vocabulary size and skill level, while sequenced challenges offer 20 levels of skill-building word games as well as organized sets for subject-focused learning.

Write Experience

Cengage Learning has developed a new product to improve writing and outcomes in higher education. Write Experience automatically assesses writing assignments using artificial intelligence. The program provides users with instant feedback and detailed revision goals. Instructors have reported the program allows them to incorporate more writing assignments into their course and save grading time.

WriteToLearn 7.0

Pearson has released a new version of WriteToLearn, a program that allows teachers to customize learning for students. Increased functionality lets teachers adjust activity settings at the class level and at the individual activity level. Now, over 30 of WriteToLearn’s existing essay prompts can provide feedback overall and on six traits of writing.


Acer (www.acer.com) recently launched the AC700 Chromebook. The Chromebook is easy to use, boots in 8 seconds and resumes instantly, eliminating wasted time during start-up. The long battery life helps the Chromebook last the entire school day, and students can connect to the internet with built-in Wi-Fi or optional 3G. Applications, schoolwork and settings are stored in the cloud, enabling multiple student users per Chromebook.

Panasonic (www.panasonic.com) has announced the availability of the PT-DW730 Series 1-Chip DLP projectors. The series bridges a gap between Panasonic installation projectors and large venue projectors thanks to its high brightness in a compact size and a new 12,000-hour Eco Filter that helps minimize maintenance.

Akitio (www.akitio.com) just released the Taurus Mini Super-S, a 2.5” dual bay SATA enclosure storage solution that includes a built-in LCD display and two FW800 ports for daisy chaining. An extra bonus is the “RAID 1-Mirroring” function that automatically creates a copy of data, useful in the event a drive fails.

Samsung Electronics America Inc. (www.samsung.com) has announced a new line of multifunction monochrome laserprinters perfect for the classroom. The SCX-4729FD, wireless SCX- 4729FW (bottom), ML-2955ND and wireless ML-2955DW (top) offer printer speeds up to 29 pages per minute; built-in duplex printing and processor speeds of 533 MHz; and other eco-conscious options in a sleek profile.

Califone (www.califone.com) introduces a flash-enabled mobile device designed for educational use, the AV2. The device features a digital media player, camera, camcorder, and gaming console in one portable system. Califone has also upgraded its CardMaster card reader for the launch of the AV2.

Hitachi America (www.hitachi.us) has introduced three new Network Education Series 3LCD projectors—the CP-WX3014WN, CP-X3014WN and CP-X4014WN. The new models offer networking capability, HDMI input, and other upgraded connectivity and performance features for successful classroom use. Additionally, the printers work with Hitachi’s PJMan Projector Management software to give users the ability to operate and monitor the projectors from a remote location and receive diagnostic information.

NewTek (www.newtek.com) introduced the TriCaster Revision 3 software update. The update provides the ability for HD TriCaster systems to work directly with video and audio from any Apple AirPlay-enabled device or application. With instant wireless support for two simultaneous AirPlay sources, devices such as an iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac can serve as direct inputs to the TriCaster system in use. The new TriCaster update also adds a harmonized user workflow across the product line, refinements to the multi-view monitor capabilities, enhanced audio functions, support for all NewTek control surfaces, and more.

Varitronics (www.variquest.com/cold-laminators) has announced the latest addition to the suite of VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Cold Laminator2510. The laminator does not release fumes and is safe for use by students, requiring no use of heat or electronics. The latest version provides all of the original features of the previous model, with customer-requested enhancements to eliminate waste in laminating visual supports, art, and other teaching resources.

ViewSonic (www.viewsonic.com) has launched the 10.1” dual OS Windows/ Android tablet, the ViewPad 10pro. The tablet is powered by the new lowpowered 1.5GHz Intel Atom processor Z670, designed specifically for tablets, and offers minimized power consumption as well as a smaller, thinner product. The ViewPad includes 2 GB of integrated memory as well an option to expand via a micro SD card slot for up to 32GB of additional space.

SMART Technologies (www.smarttech.com) announced the SMART Board 400 series interactive whiteboard for education customers in North America. The 400 series comprises the SMART Board 480 interactive whiteboard and the SMART Board 480iv interactive whiteboard system with the SMART V25 projector.

HP unveiled a new portfolio of All-in-One PC products that deliver a small footprint along with the power and multimedia features expected from a two-piece computing solution. The AiOs offer a broad range of screen sizes and premium features, such as multi-touch, to meet the needs and budgetary requirements of schools and districts. Models include the HP TouchSmart Elite 7320 All-in-One Business PC, the HP Pro 3420 All-in-One, and the HP Compaq 8200 Elite All-in-One Business Desktop.

Epson (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) introduced the BrightLink 455Wi-T, a bundle combining the Epson BrightLink 455Wi interactive projector and a table mount from Copernicus Education Products, to turn almost any tabletop into an interactive learning area. With the included table mount, the BrightLink 455Wi creates an interactive 60” (diagonal) space and allows for collaborative working environments or interactive lessons, while providing greater accessibility for younger users or people using wheelchairs.

Aven (www.aveninc.com) has introduced a palm-sized microscope with a 2.8” LCD color display screen. The iLoupe XL2 includes measurement software, delivers mobility and versatility for science classes, field trips and lab projects. Capabilities include 200x digital magnification, still imaging, video recording, PC output and live webcam use. Students can record length, perimeter, angle, and surface area of objects.