Ohio Approves i-Ready Diagnostic as Student Growth Measure

Curriculum Associates’ i-Ready Diagnostic has been approved by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) as a student growth measure and is now on ODE’s Approved List of Assessments that measure student growth.

To be approved by the Ohio Department of Education, Curriculum Associates had to demonstrate i-Ready Diagnostic's validity and reliability, Common Core State Standards and the revised Ohio Academic Content Standards alignment, correlation with curricular objectives, and the ability to measure the growth of both low- and high-achieving students.

“Ohio joins New York in choosing i-Ready Diagnostic to be on its very selective list of approved assessments because of its ability to assess each student’s skills across multiple grade levels (not just on-level skills), making it easy to pinpoint gaps and measure growth, and its easy-to-use reports,” said Rob Waldron, President and CEO of Curriculum Associates. “In addition to being the highest quality product of its kind available, i-Ready has a comprehensive Instruction program that includes more than 600 online lessons and includes an individualized learning plan for each student that makes it easier for teachers to help students effectively and efficiently progress from where they are to where they need to be.”

i-Ready Diagnostic Reading and Math Assessment is a research-based combination of an adaptive diagnostic assessment and instant detailed reporting tool. Diagnostic results are automatically translated into reports that are immediately available to teachers and administrators by grade level and domain at the district, school, grade, class, and student level. Student profile reports are immediately available to the teacher to inform and target instruction.